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25th March 2008, 04:34 PM
Hi, I was just wondering if you had this problem with any of your babies? My tri colour Rosie is SO clingy! I know it is my fault, from the start I really mothered her, Ran to cuddle her when she was scared as she was a runt (know doesn't sound nice) She was so tiny and so so cute so she has a extra special place in our hearts she is totally amazing!

I used to leave a video camera on when I went out and filmed her several times to see how she behaved...she NEVER Settled and was sitting/standing and crying the whole time, She used to rip things up to so she was showing lots of separation anxiety signs.
In the end we used to put her in a cage/Crete with our yorkshire terrier, it helped a lot and now she seems OK to be out of the cage when we leave her.

But the reason I was asking you is lately she has got REALLY awful! She follows me 24-7 she cries if I even go to the toilet!
I have a office type chair in front of my PC and she taps me constantly with wide eyes asking to sit on my lap, Its awkward though as I can't type with her there!
I don't know what to do really, My fiance says don't give into her but I feel so mean :( yet the more I am letting her act like this the worse it is for her!
Hope you have some advise to offer xxx

PS She is 100% OK health wise so she isn't doing this through health problems as far as I am aware xxx

25th March 2008, 04:36 PM
Fussing over her and cuddling her when she is scared makes the problem far worse. Solutions: