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25th March 2008, 11:50 PM
I have 3 Cavaliers, 6mths, 5mths and 10wks. All were doing great on James Wellbeloved food. Today however they got the trots..well sort of trots. Bit like toothpaste but horrible putty colour and the smell is awful. All 3 are still running around, mad as ever. Is it the food, they dont get treats and Im a bit worried, do I change brands or try and continue on this one. They have been on this since we got them. Any advise greatly received.:(

26th March 2008, 06:28 AM
I don't have any experience with that food but I would say the cause is unlikely to be the food given the sudden change.
Have they been wormed recently or had a different type of treat or something, could they have gotten into something in the bin or garden ? if not maybe a tummy virus which may require a vet trip ? Other than this can't help sorry but if it is a loose stool you need to watch their hydration as puppies of their various ages can deteriorate very quickly in these instances. You could always feed a bland chicken and rice diet for 48 hours and go from there ?

26th March 2008, 07:00 AM
It doesn't take much at all to change our 'output'. We feed the same Merrick kibble every day, and the same IAMS puppy biscuit treats. Introduce something new and I'll see it the next day. We give Missy the Saint Bernard Purina One, and I can also tell when Beauregard has been into her leftovers (on the very rare occasions that they're are any!).


26th March 2008, 09:18 AM
If they have always been on James Wellbeloved then I'd say it was unlikely to be the cause especially as they all have diarrhoea (I can't imagine them all developing an intolerance at the same time). I'd take them to the vet, they have probably picked up a tummy bug and may need antibiotics. My dog is on antibiotics at the moment for the same thing, he had bright yellow poos for over a week. He has had to change to Royal Canin Intestinal Diet (same manufacturer as JWB) as he keeps getting diarrhoea and bleeds with it.

Oh yes and as Luvzcavs said, I would change to boiled chicken and rice. My vet says not to skip food for 24 hours but to space meals by 12 hours. This is a good enough rest to the system.

27th March 2008, 04:49 PM
Many Thanks for all the advice, we took them to the vet and he reckons that JWB might be a bit to rich for them. We have to change them over gradually to Wainwrights as this isn't as rich as some of the others and just keep them on one flavour only. Runny poop seems to have eased a lot and they are bouncing around as usual!!!!!!:p:dogwlk:. Many Thanks again. Hopefully if I have any more questions you can help again.:luv: