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27th March 2008, 11:35 AM
Hey, just a quick question. Bobby, is still not right so I brought him to the vet for the third time in a week this morning. He still has alot of blood in his stools but otherwise seems fine. They are therefore keeping him in the surgery for 2-3 days. They want to do a full blood work on him and feed him a special diet where they can watch him. My heart was broken leaving the poor pup there for 2 nights. He's going to be so lonely and so confused. But the other reality, is the financial aspect. Its been an expensive weekend with vet fees on Fri and emergency vet on Monday, but now this? How much is 2-3 days going to cost with full tests? I was too overwhelmed at the vets to ask.

27th March 2008, 11:37 AM
Havent you got insurance.

27th March 2008, 11:39 AM
No we just got Bobby last monday. We can't get pet insurance until he's vaccinated. And because he's sick they won't vaccinate him.

27th March 2008, 11:45 AM
Oh dear.I just paid about 200.00 for tablets and xrays.Got back most of it.All i can say is,whens hes better get the insurance sorted.Its worth these days as vets are getting more expensive.Sorry to here the bad news though.

27th March 2008, 03:06 PM
Oh I intend to. Its frightening hom much we've spent in a week. At least the vet rang to say its nothing serious and she now seems to think its food allergies.

27th March 2008, 03:47 PM
I hope they find out what's wrong with him! Do they have ANY idea at this point? Wow, I can't believe you've had so many problems the first week! Have you contacted the breeder and asked for either a refund or reimbursement for medical expenses? Most breeders would be willing to do something, especially the first week you have the pup.

Every vet charges differently, so I don't know what you can expect. When we lived in a metro city, my vet was outrageous- every visit was at least $200. Now that I am in a small town, the bill for a neuter, microchip, and all vacs was only $75. So, who knows! I would think for two days and a load of bloodwork, could possibly be up to $500.

27th March 2008, 03:55 PM
No they are quite puzzled. Blood tests have ruled out an infection, parvo, parasites etc. So they don't think its serious at this stage. We only have the bobby a week, so he's just getting used to us. I'm afraid he'll be completely traumatised when we get him home.

We've been trying to ring the breeder all day but the phone line is either engaged or no reply. I can't imagine she'll give us money back. Do we have any rights on this? She didn't vaccinate him. But we can't be certain he wouldn't have had this problem if he was vaccinated.

27th March 2008, 04:30 PM
it can vary depending on if you signed a health guarantee or any kind of contract with her. Regardless, you have a pup that is not well and was not vaccinated. Give us a little more info about what kind of breeder she is, etc. and look at any paperwork that came with the pup and read through all the fine print. But I would not delay.

27th March 2008, 04:37 PM
No paper work came with him, ie. we didn't sign anything bar the cheque. We just got a document regarding his microchip and how to change the address on that. And we got a certificate showing his registered name etc along with his parents names.

27th March 2008, 04:42 PM
I would certainly contact the breeder and tell her/him that the pup is very ill. The pup certainly should not have been sold without being vaccinated and microchiopped. Is the pup IKC registered?
I'm not sure what comeback you'd have for reimbursement of medical expenses from the breeder.If the pup had a hip or knee defect for example you'd expect a refund from a breeder but if it's viral or microbiological, they can pick up bugs the moment they move location.If it's not one of the immunisable illnesses hen I don't know what you can do.
Ring the vet and explain that you need to know what the costs are expected to be for his treatment.It's a very fair question and I'm sure they'd be willing to answer as best they can.
I'm sure your puppy won't be traumatised by his experiences.Once he gets home to you he'll adapt very quickly and take over your home.

27th March 2008, 04:50 PM
Thanks Sins. He is microchipped (I meant we have to change the address on ths chip) and he is also IKC registered. I'll ring the vet and ask the costs. I know it sounds ridiculous but I didn't want to start talking price with the vet today when he still was so sick. Hopefully you're right about him taking over the house when he comes home. I'd be delighted to see him full of energy.

27th March 2008, 06:39 PM
Whatever you do,try and stay positive.If the vet is right and tests have ruled out all nasty possibilities, it may be that it's diet related. perhaps the food the vet is trying him with will solve the problem.
My cav is fed an a hypoallergenic food called Arden grange,which is gluten free,soya free and dairy and red meat free.
Anyway, I| just want to wish the little fella a speedy recovery, you certainly have had a traumatic first week together.

27th March 2008, 07:28 PM
I would contact the IKC and the CKCS breed club to complain about the breeder not vaccinating and not having informed you of this crucial piece of information. Also I wonder if the breeder didn;t dump an ill dog with you -- I don;t see how problems could emerge so suddenly and only with you.

You can take the breeder to small claims over the costs. I would take legal advice however -- there's generally free legal aid in most cities and larger towns.

I'd just call back the vet and ask what kind of bill you are looking at.

I wouldn't think food allergies would cause bloody stools though? Though maybe there's a high intolerance level for something. I'd try feeding something like James Wellbeloved fish diet -- they will likely try to get you to use the Science Diet special food but on of their allergy diest has thegrains that can often cause allergies inthe first place so I'd be inclined to try an unusual protein source like fish, no wheat or corn-- JWB I've found works well for dogs with allergies or skin sensitivities.

28th March 2008, 08:28 PM
Heya try not to worry too much.I have no advice to give on your pups illness cos Im still learning about cavs.Ive been Alex's mam for 5 mths and Im a first time dog owner.Just ring the vet and have a chat they will understand that your worried and concerned and also about the bill cos you shouldnt really have a sick puppy after only a week.I hope he is going to be ok.:xfngr:

28th March 2008, 08:37 PM
Let us know how he is.

30th March 2008, 03:51 PM
Picked Bobby up from the vet yesterday. He has colitis. They fed him a prescription diet for the past two days and the difference is amazing. He's energetic, playful and has no problem in the bathroom department. We're keeping him on the prescription food for a while and I guess it trial and error to find out what food is causing the problem. We know for definite that chicken is out of the question for him.

As for the topic of my post, I was absolutely shocked when the vet charged 52 euro for the total stay, blood work and a bag of prescription food. We're back again tomorrow to get him vaccinated.

30th March 2008, 05:36 PM
€52??? Wow, hang onto that vet!!
I'm so happy to hear Bobby is doing so much better.The prescription diet is worth persevering with,anything is better than having a poor little puppy trying to handle colitis at such a vulnerable stage of his life.
Good luck with the vaccinations tomorrow, I'll be taking Daisy for her 16 month booster shots tomorrow as well. Hope you're feeling more relaxed now that everything is well again.

Cathy T
30th March 2008, 05:57 PM
So glad to hear Bobby's on the mend and feeling better.

Claire L
31st March 2008, 12:16 AM
Delighted to read that Bobby is feeling better :)
You've just reminded me to call my own Vet and ask why I haven't received any re-imbursement for Minnie's visits to him earlier in the year. She had an eay ulcer which lasted forever and I paid out for each visit but as yet, I still haven't received anything back :confused:

31st March 2008, 07:45 AM
That's good news!!!

He'll be a naughty little fellow in no time ;)
That price of the vet is amazing :)
I noticed that when things get worse, the prices of the vets seem to go down.. at least the vet where you always go :)

When qwick had his surgery and had to see the specialist that was so expensive.. I lost track of the costs around €600, but when we took him to our vet, it was always quite cheap, not even had to pay a consult to change his bandages..

31st March 2008, 09:40 AM
Bold is an understatement! When he was so sick the last two weeks we really didn't have the heart to train him too much. So he occassionally jumped up on all the furniture or started running up the stairs or peeing on the matt at the back door. The toilet problem is now becoming more obvious because even with the back door open he still uses the matt. I wait outside with him for ten to fifteen minutes and nothing happens. We come in the door for two seconds and by the time I'll go to the fridge to get a drink he'll go on the matt. Now that he's better its "operation training". I've bought all the books recommended here and I'm going to buy a crate today. Lets hope its not too late to break his bad habits.

31st March 2008, 09:53 AM
I am so glad to hear that you know what the problem is now, 52 Euro's?? Like some-one else has said hold on to that vet!! :lol:

As for the toilet training I am sure he'll pick it up in next to no time, best thing I can advise right now is to see to his needs before your own, I.E Put him out for a wee, then get your drink :lol: Of course as you know there is loads of advice on here on the subject too. Sounds like things are moving up now for this little one!! :luv: :hug: