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2nd April 2008, 09:07 PM
Alex is 7mths old and hes doing fine,hes a right little boy.There is just 1 little thing that Im starting to question.Every dog he sees he barks at them,on the street,in the park and now he barks if he sees a dog on the t.v.If hes out of the room and hears a dog barking on the t.v he barks right back.The kids think its hilarious the fact that Alex is barking at the t.v:p But should he be doing this? When hes out with us and meets a dog he seems quite nervous yet he still has to investigate the other dog.Today for example I was chatting with a neighbour he has a 1yr.blenheim girl named Peppy,now she is really nervous wants to be on her own.Alex had a little sniff,his tail between his legs,stretched out and followed her.He didnt bark as much maybe once or twice but Peppy ran off,my daughter Aishling held him in her arms,well he cried after Peppy till she came back.Is there a bond between cavaliers.Its like they know their own breed.

Daisy's Mom
2nd April 2008, 09:57 PM
I think there is a natural bond between Cavaliers. At our obedience class, there is a puppy class going on at the other side of the building. There is one little Cavalier in that class. One time his owner dropped the leash and the cry of "Loose dog!" went up. That little guy ran about 30 yards, ran right by probably 6 other dogs, and came straight to Daisy -- the only other Cavalier in the place! That really amazed me. I do think he recognized his own kind.

I wouldn't like the barking at other dogs, but I think socialization is the best answer to that. The reason that I say I wouldn't like it is because Daisy is highly dog reactive, and I'd be afraid that his barking might be a first sign of future issues along that line. But he's very young, so it's probably too soon to tell. Daisy used to never bark around other dogs, but starting at about a year old, she is just crazy when she sees another dog. It's a big problem. She gets every dog in the neighborhood worked up as we go by, and starts trouble in class, too. I have always thought that it's because she's overexcited and frustrated that I'm holding her back from meeting them, but I sometimes think it may be more than that. We had her in puppy class, we didn't get her till 11 weeks old, she grew up around lots of Cavaliers in a home environment, etc., so I don't know where she's getting these issues.

2nd April 2008, 10:53 PM
I agree with the socialisation. I think it would help him to settle down. It sounds like your neighbours dog could also do with a little socialisation, maybe you could get together and take the dogs out for a walk, that way the will get used to each other without the focus being on socialisation.

I do think their is a bond, when I'm out with my gang and another dog approaches they are not interested unless it's a cavalier then it's tail wags and sniffs all round. ;)

2nd April 2008, 11:19 PM
There was a thread a little while back about dogs barking at the t.v. Both of mine do that although they do not bark at dogs whilst walking. They only have to see the dog on the t.v. or hear them barking and they are off!! In fact they both bark at any animal on the t.v.!!

Elaine 2
3rd April 2008, 12:12 AM
Cody likes to have a good bark when she seen another dog, but the joke was on her on Monday when she started barking at a dog on the field but the owner was a friend of mine, she got the shock of her life as we headed towards them she turned all sheepish :)

3rd April 2008, 09:17 AM
Im sure they know their own. He sounds a friendly chap. My old girl Jenny ( at the bridge ) used to run at the tv barking whenever anything on 4 legs came on. None of the others bother. :)

3rd April 2008, 09:56 AM
My Tally is 7 months and well socialised she lives with 4 other cavaliers she is a real barker esp when out walks I have just started stopping and holding the lead really short so she has no room its took a few times but now she looks up as if to say wot mum !!!! i think say shhhhh and it seems to work

3rd April 2008, 03:49 PM
My Harvey barks at everything, dogs, tv, the slighest little noise when the house is quiet will also set him off! He is getting better while out on walks but at home he will bark at anything, which can be very annoying when its late at night the kids are in bed and you are trying to watch something on the tv!!!