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Brian M
5th April 2008, 10:01 PM
Hello Again
This morning Luke and I together with Poppy and Daisy and Rosie went to our local sandhills for our normal Saturday morning constitutional ,so after we parked the car off we all trooped up into the hills and most enjoyable too a bit cool and windy but we were wrapped up well so all was good ,then all of a sudden a very friendly Golden Retreiver appeared all friends and no threat so off goes Poppy to meet followed by Daisy who upon greeting all dogs promptly goes flat on her back and legs in the air Rosie is a bit more cautious after an exchange of sniffs she races back to me for protection and to be picked up ,so we part company and continue. Then after another 1/2 mile the retreiver appears again and then starts taking an intrerest in Rosie who again runs to me to be picked up and then the penny drops poor Rosie is still on her first season and now i realise why the retreiver is overly friendly so with rosie tucked in my arms we about turn to go back to the car . Then bang i get gripped from behind by an amorous Golden Retriever i shake him off then bang again off my back he goes again meanwhile Luke is in fits of laughter no help at all so off we finally go and safely head for the car.So i said to Luke later "I Wonder If" something had happened would the reasult of the union have looked like you or just been the same but with furry feet and a curly tail ?

5th April 2008, 11:11 PM
Glad everything turned out okay, but EEEEEK!:eek: My girl just finished 35 days of solitary confinement in our house, and had a lovely shampoo and condition just yesterday to get every last trace of "eau de come hither" removed from her coat. It was soooo wonderful to go for a nice walk last night! We met a few dogs who kindly greeted us and went on their way with no indication of any amorous thoughts toward her.

From what I have read here on the boards, you might want to keep her under lock and key until she is completely through her cycle. That way she will be safe, and so will you! Must have given you quite a start with a big golden trying to knock you down to get at your girl!