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Brian M
5th April 2008, 10:23 PM
I am still contemplating adding another to our family but could somebody list the questions in order of there priority that one should ask breeders,and is the only way of finding out which breeders try to meet or
exceed these points by phone alone cos sometimes forgive me if i say it if you are not part of the inner circle you seem to be left to stumble through or are things said like dont go there but Mrs dfdfdf is a fine breeder.Or is it just pot luck we got our three through the kk advisory list apart from Daisy but i dont know if they have been mr scanned or heart checked now the more i read the more i worry for my girls not me.Surely if individual breeders know their pups are all sound and health tested as they should be and if buyers have no interest in showing advertise them that they are clear but charge an amount that realises the quality of your dogs it may keep away unethical cavalier owners away, nil satis nisi optimum for our cavs :neutral:

6th April 2008, 12:35 AM
In the library, there's a whole thread with links that include questions to ask breeders for any breed as well as cavaliers.

You cannot just rely on the breed club puppy list -- you need to be the one asking questions and asking to see cardiologist clearances (NOT just vet clearances) for dogs, and ask if they MRI scan, plus all the other things you will want to know about their breeding programme and other tests. I'd suggest doing lots of research first though so you are clear on why you are asking these questions and what answers you want to hear. :thmbsup: Most breeders will just be turned off by someone asking a rote set of questions if they don't seem to also have clear reasons for asking and wish to to discuss the answers. After all for good breeders, those questions and answers tell them a lot about the prospective buyer, too. :)


6th April 2008, 01:20 PM
Thank You Karlin!!

One of the things I look for in a prospective puppy buyer is for them to "grill" me on health testing etc, I have said plenty on my own breeding program etc in other posts recently (See Tri-colour face markings thread!) I am only too happy to show health certificates etc and discuss testing etc with potential puppy buyers and welcome questions. I breed first and foremost for myself and not to fill a waiting list and have a high standard of what I want, but most importantly of all I want long lived, happy healthy dogs first and foremost.
Any breeder who will not discuss their own health testing or has no knowledge of SM but simply says "Oh they are such nice puppies and are only £xxxx and I have other people wanting to see them" should be avoided in my opinion.

Just my ever so 'umble opinion is all!! :razz: