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7th April 2008, 03:27 PM
Hi there!

I'm new to the site & Cavaliers!

I got Sparky last week & love him to bits already - think I have found the breed I'm allways going to have!!

I hope to Show Sparky later on in the year - he's 12 weeks now & Ive been looking at the breed standard about the 'lozenge' on the head - he has 2 spots in the white blaze on his head (both about the size of a small finger print) but can't find anything in the standard that says if this is a fault or not - also Ive been looking at lots of pic's of Blenheim Cav's & none of them seem to have a spot at all!

If it is a fault I don't care as he's a great little dog & showing would only be a hobby so it's not the be all & end all or anything - I did ask his breeder about the 2 spots & she said they were fine - I also had told her that I had thought about showing & she said he'd be fine - but of course she could have just been saying that as she wanted a sale!

He has a few champs down one side of his lines (don't have the paperwork with me today though!) & she kept on saying about that!

I also have a 10 Year old Jack Russell bitch who is Sparky's unpaid babysitter!!

7th April 2008, 04:09 PM
I've just welcomed you on another board, anyway welcome to this one too :D

7th April 2008, 04:23 PM
Ah thanx Ste!!:rah:

7th April 2008, 04:42 PM
Hi and welcome! :)

If you do a search on showing you will find lots of earlier threads but if you are interested in showing you should definitely start by attending shows and getting involved with the Dublin club and once you get to know some show show breeders well, ask someone if they will evaluate your puppy when it is about 4-5 months old :thmbsup: Very few puppies are actually show quality, and usually you will have known this when you bought the pup -- show potential pups typically cost more (at LEAST €600-800 range in Ireland) and would come from well known show lines and established show breeders. Almost every cavalier that exists has champion dogs within its 5 generation pedigree, so simply having some on one side or another wouldn't necessarily significant -- really, you need significant champions on both sides of the pedigree and within the first two generations (parents or grandparents) for a puppy to be likely to have some possibility for showing. I know, it is complicated! :lol:

Appearance (as in coat and markings) are actually the least significant aspect of a puppy -- structure, movement and temperament are for more significant and you need an expert assessment on whether a puppy has the first two, to show quality :). At least 20-30% or so of blenheims have the lozenge -- and two actually would not necessarily be considered desireable -- so it is really not significant either way.

Not trying to disappoint you here as we all adore our puppies and KNOW they are the most beautiful dogs :D:D but there's a huge difference between buying a cavalier as a pet -- and buying a show potential puppy from an actual established show breeder. A puppy not from a currently showing breeder is extremely unlikely to be able to be shown. Getting involved with the club is the best way to get an evaluation and find out if your pup is worth running on for showing. In the majority of cases, you'll find you have the perfect companion for many years ahead, but will want to neuter keep him safe as a pet. :)

7th April 2008, 05:14 PM
Thanks Karlin,:)

That makes a lot of sense! To be honest showing isn't the most important thing - was just something I kinda thought about as I was buying a pedigree pup rather than a mut (as much as i LOVE :luv: muts!!), just thought it would give me something to do after my wedding in August, also I had concidered agility as I live right by Tymon park & theres an agility club there on a Sunday. But mainly I wanted a healthy boy to be friends with Cass (my JRT bitch). & working with dogs in England for 15 years I always had a soft spot for Cavaliers! I also did think getting into showing such a popular breed would be fairly hard! (I only paid €400 for Sparky so he's obviously more likely a pet then?)

I don't have Sparky's pedigree with me but I remember seeing that (maybe) his great great grandfather was the top winning (Irish) Blenheim of 1999 - can't even think of the kennel name (having a blonde day!).

I'm taking Sparky to the vet tonight for his 8 in 1 shot & check up - I asked his breeder about the heart murmour & she said booth of his parents were clear & were over the age of 5 (although looking at his mother she looked a bit younger - maybe she was just young looking for her age & obviously out of coat due to whelping anyway!). & as he runs like a greyhound without panting or coughing I am assuming that at this stage he is fine!

I have to say that this little fella is the best puppy I have ever had, Ive never had a pup that has manners without being taught them! The day we brought him home (last wednesday) he was asking to go out to my amazement! He's an absolute joy to have & whether he turns out to be a show dog or not he won't be in need of anything as he'll be as loved as Cass & my former dog Leo (14.5 yr chinese crested x maltese - died from congenital heart failure in March). & you're right - they are the most beautiful dogs, with their soft expressions & eyes that could melt stone!

Thanx a mill for your reply!

8th April 2008, 08:58 AM
Sparky had his first vet visit last night & I'm pleased to say he's absolutly perfect! Not a sign of a murmor at all so I'm sooooooooooooo pleased!

8th April 2008, 10:50 AM
Hi and welcome from Dungarvan.

8th April 2008, 11:40 AM
Hiya Justine!

I think my fella has relatives ion Dungarvan - is that in Waterford?

8th April 2008, 11:48 AM
Hi there!! icon_welcome from the Midlands UK

8th April 2008, 12:04 PM
Hi Cathryn!

I'm English too - originaly from near Bournemouth, Cass my JRT is English too, SParky is my first 'paddy' dog!!!