View Full Version : Playing fetch (my 1st video!)

13th April 2008, 12:55 PM
Just a little video of my furbaby playing catch! thought id share it with you, he only has vision in his right eye so it nice to see that it doesnt really affect him playing his favorite game :)


Seren xXx

13th April 2008, 03:12 PM
aww he is handsome and smart! great video!

13th April 2008, 10:34 PM
Very sweet looking dog :lotsaluv:

13th April 2008, 11:56 PM
aww that's too cute

Cleo's Person
16th April 2008, 11:01 PM
What a cute video!

17th April 2008, 09:28 AM
Lovely dog!

18th April 2008, 02:59 AM
Aw, what a smartie! My girl will go chase the ball, then look at it like, "You don't really expect me to put this in my mouth and bring it back to you, do you?".....Maybe someday she will catch on!