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Maureen Salmond
13th April 2008, 08:39 PM
After reading the posts for a few weeks and finding the content really interesting, thought I'd join. My cavalier has just turned 1 and is called Brodie. though i was determined never to get him cut I'm finding that my grooming knowledge is not good enough to keep him looking the way he should.:( Family and friends are constantly saying he needs cut as he looks really scruffy and uncared for!!!! Finally i have to admit he's getting a wee bit smelly, i think he's so keen on lifting his leg he forgets to actually finish what he starts before the leg goes down. Can anyone tell me of a good groomer in Edinburgh?
I want to keep him looking the way he should but his coat is getting really long, thick and unkempt.

13th April 2008, 08:56 PM
Hya, a trip to a good groomers should help a lot, i'm in Wales so dont know of any Scotland way im afraid!! but word of mouth is always a good indication of a good groomer just ask other dog owners that you meet who they take their dog to & if they are happy with the groomer listening to their requests etc... just a good groom out of Brodies coat should get rid of the dead hair, making him look smart & neat but if you want to go for a pet trim of neatening up the feathering especially on his front & back legs thats fine oh and also underneath to help when Brodie forgets to keep his leg lifted! :sl*p: just make sure that they are aware it is only a trim and that you dont want the clippers to be used on the coat as the colour of the coat can be affected especially in rubys (usually lightens the colour so you dont have the richness)
:blabla: I would ring round a few groomers first see what they suggest, you will know when you speak to the right groomer & also ask if they have any qualifications (im currently studying a OCN in dog grooming) or where they learnt dog grooming :thmbsup:
hope that helps!