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Brian M
16th April 2008, 09:27 PM

As i stated on another post Poppy who is a big girl weighs in at 15.3 kilo and two weeks later she is now 14.9 she is a TRi and has been spayed she is 20 months old so my question is if i use my base food as being Royal Canin Light how many grammes should i feed per meal based on two meals a day ,i do add a bit of white turkey meat (no Fat ) with a squirt of Kronch salmon oil on top and then as a padding food green beans and carrots.I try to target 60-65 grammes of food before i add any beans or carrots ,is this too much oris it right ,i hate to say my wife does not exercise them in the weekat all thats left to Luke and I on a Fri night Sat am and pm and Sun am and pm.

17th April 2008, 03:55 PM
It's really hard to say Brian, as dogs vary so much. If she isn't losing weight on that amount of food, then you need to cut it down a bit more. You can have two identically size dogs, with the same amount of exercise, but one needs less food than the other to maintain the same weight - it's all to do with metabolism.

Is there really no-one to walk the dogs all week? This isn't terribly fair on them, walks are good for stimulation as well as exercise.

Could you get a dog walker in if your wife won't walk them? Or is there a reason she won't, such as they don't walk well on the lead? If so, could you take them to training?

Are you not able to take them out yourself either before or after work?