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Brian M
19th April 2008, 08:53 PM

Took all the girls to a different groomers today for a shampoo and set and cavalier cut and please leave their feet alone ,so i was pleased to see upon collection that all the hairy feet were fully intact and they looked and smelled super ,the only problem for them was tonights walk was around the park on long leads no galloping up and down sandhills and getting mucked up i want them to look nice and pretty for at least a couple of hours .So they have all been bathed and blow dried ,ears cleaned nails clipped and glands checked and to complete everything i gave them their drontal and frontline treatment so i can relax for a couple of weeks. .This morning before the groomers we all did our normal Saturday morning routine a bit of shopping ( of course this is after the girls early morning hike) bite to eat and pop down to work to feed all my feral cats and awhile later on the way home Dawn popped into the paper shop to pay the papers and outside tied up was a beautiful British Bulldog which i had to jump out of the car and give a stroke ,shortly his owner appeared and i asked the dogs name and age and complimented him on such a superb dog ,it turned out he was only six months and had cost £1800 ,thats a lot of money and the chap was going to use him as a stud dog.As soon as he said that i backed off no disrespect to the fella but i dont think he was a breeder of the standard that i now expect after reading all the comments and advice from all our cavalier breeders on our forum who so obviously have so much respect and love for our breed i just felt so sorry for this wonderful dogs future ,i hope i am wrong the guy seemed to genuinely care for the dog but in no way was he a breeder of the standard that posts here .A bit of a dent in an otherwise good but still cold day but the girls seem happy they have all been fed and with the groomers vist over its now time for a good long sleep, but Daisy doesnt half snore.:)

Cleo's Person
21st April 2008, 09:42 AM
It sounds like your girls had a great day. Any chance of a few :snap: :snap: of the ladies looking freshly coiffed?