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Super Princess
19th April 2008, 08:54 PM
ill post a picture later,
but i was wondering if anyone else has had problem with the skin around their pups eye.
olivers eyes are a constant going issue.
it itches him..he rubs it on the floor on the couch..watever he can, the area around the eye looses its fur and the skin gets pink and pussyish..
ill post a pciture
but we are constintly having to wash it and put cream on it from the vet.


20th April 2008, 06:34 AM
Poor little fellow. I couldn't see the picture. Did the vet say what is causing this?

Super Princess
20th April 2008, 09:03 AM
i deleted the picture...lol.. u know what happend..i uploaded it from my cell phone onto facebook to show you guys....and then deleted it from the mini feeds..only little did i know the picture would show up in everyone elses news feeds..so roughly 100 some odd people have a picture of poor olivers infected eye skin on their openign screen..little bit embarrasing!

ill see if tomorow i can get a picture on photobucket..least then not everyones gonna see it.

My parents take him to the vet..but when i ask the rents what it acutally is they just say oh its just issues with his eyes or allergies..like its no big deal..but put eye goop on it. say its a life long thing..
but i was hoping (and of course woudl need hte picture) someone here might have a better idea.

poor babe..its not pretty and it buggs him.
when dad puts the eye goop on him..oliver dosnt even know enough to keep his eye closed so he gets goop on his eye.

20th April 2008, 10:29 AM
My cavalier developed this condition within three days of coming home from the breeder.It's a staph aureus infection which needs veterinary treatment,the eyelids can also thicken and if the hair is lost from around the eyes it will take several weeks to grow back.
Even when the infection is clear the hair will take weeks to reappear.Also check under the jawline for enlarged lymph nodes.Daisy needed oral antibiotics and a steroid shot as well as drops to deal with this infection.