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22nd April 2008, 07:22 PM
Cosmo, who is almost 17 weeks now, has been weeing in the bed he shares with Tarik on and off for the past few weeks. I have tried "shaming" him out of it by giving out to him. I have also caught him mid-flow and given out, in which case he stopped and looked very guilty. I am wondering if it is an attention seeking thing, or a sign of separation anxiety. Any tips on what we should do?

Cosmo:paw: and Tarik:paw:

22nd April 2008, 10:52 PM
Firstly take him to the vet {with a urine sample} and get them to make sure there is no physical reason for this.

By "Giving out" I presume you mean shouting and that you are not hitting him in anyway? he would not understand the concept of shame - that is not something dogs understand, so methods such a rubbing their nose in it do not work either, and only serve to frighten them making it more likely that they will urinate in the house.

This could be submissive urination - if you search for that term you will find a couple of helpful threads and links to more helpful information too.

Is Cosmo weeing anywhere else or only on the bed? Is he being confined to the bed for extended periods?

It's very early to expect him to be fully house trained anyway, so if this happens again, just go back to basics, say no and take him outside and really praise and/or give a treat when he goes in the right place. Make sure he has the opportunity to relieve himself at least every couple of hours, every time he wakes up, after every meal, after excitements such as play times etc

Hope this helps.

22nd April 2008, 11:01 PM
By shouting and giving out to him you risk making this problem a LOT worse. :eek:

As many experienced trainers say, every time a puppy has an accident yell -- at yourself!! for not focusing enough on house*training* (as training means the owner must be 100% vigilant 100% of the time). And while you are at it, roll up a newspaper and hit... yourself around the head for not being an attentive owner! :lol:

Dogs do not feel shame -- but they will feel scared. All an indoor accident signifies is that you have a NORMAL puppy -- a very young pup who doesn't know any better than a 1 year old child not to relieve itself wherever it is at that moment, and which hasn't been trained enough and also isn;t yet old enough to always remember where to go (again, like a toddler learning to use the potty. EXPECT mistakes. DON'T punish them). No one would shout at a baby or a toddler... and likewise this is pointless and unproductive with a puppy. Puppies that are yelled at only understand that if they go in front of you, you will terrify them -- so better to go when you are NOT watching behind the sofa for example. :eek: 17 weeks is only a tiny baby in dog terms. It takes *months* to housetrain and they will have acidents generally until about a year old, so please be sure to re-align your expectations to a puppy's actual abilities -- this is important for you not to feel frustrated and for him to be allowed to learn.

I'd strongly recommend immediately ordering Shirlee Kalstone's book on housetraining from Amazon,co.uk as it will explain in detail how to housetrain and give lots of very helpful schedules. :thmbsup: It will be a big help! :)

And be sure to check out this thread which has lots of excellent links to housetraining guides:


But as Nicki says: first have him checked by a vet as a matter of urgency as this has been happening a few times. Urinary infections can quickly turn to extremely painful and damaging kidney infections and as they are a very common source of dogs or cats weeing on soft surfaces, you want to eliminate this as a possibility right away. :xfngr:

22nd April 2008, 11:54 PM
We had the same problem with Lady, she was 12 wks old when we got and straight away she started weeing in her bed, we tried to ignore it, thinking it was "new home stress", took her to the vet...all fine, but it went on for a few weeks. We kept putting her outside every hour or so and then all of a sudden one day it just seemed to click..."oh, This isn't the right place to do it"!!!!! Now at almost 7mthe she is brilliant. We didnt smack or shout..we just hoped that she would grow out of it.

23rd April 2008, 05:38 PM
Thanks. It usually happens when they are playing in the kitchen. He hops into the bed, scratches around 2-3times, then relieves himself. Otherwise he is very good at going on paper. He is only doing a small bit, so I was wondering if he is marking territory, or if it is just attention seeking. He shares the bed with his litter mate, who isn't impressed with the wee in the bed. Generally they are very good at going on paper, or in the garden. We put them out regularly.

Cosmo:paw: and Tarik:paw:

23rd April 2008, 06:02 PM
Another thing I find helpful in a "bed wetter" like that, is to STOP using the paper. People have different ideas about this - But personally, I feel that it only teaches the dog that it's okay to potty in the house. I'd go back to square one and teach the dogs that outside is the only acceptable place to potty. If you live in an apartment where quick access outside isn't possible - I usually use a litter box instead of a paper - Why? Because it's easier for a dog to distinguish the different feel. I find alot of paper trained dogs will continue pottying on any paper on the floor, and alot will also pee on rugs, towels, or anything else left on the ground. Of course, it all depends on the dog, and you'll just have to decide where you want to stand on this issue, as it seems almost everyone I talk to has slightly different feelings on the pad VS litter box VS outdoor potty training!!!