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23rd April 2008, 11:54 AM
Hi All,

We have a new email for booking your dogs in for home boarding. It is dogsleepover@gmail.com Philip administers this. We have a gmail diary linked to this so it makes it easier for booking etc. If you have already booked your dogs in there is no need to reconfirm.

We do have a detailed form/agreement that you will need to fill in and sign on arrival and collection so that we know everything about your doggies (medical, diet, training etc).

As you know all dogs who stay with us stay in our home at all times. They are not left alone, they have access to a secure garden area and sleep in our 'dog room' at night. Dogs can sleep in a crate or playpen at night and have clean and fresh bedding. The dogs sleep where they feel most comfortable.

We only feed James Wellbeloved here so if your dog has specific dietary requirements we need to know.

Some photos can be seen here



23rd April 2008, 12:04 PM
Since we have a couple of boarding and (upcoming) kennelling options in Ireland from board members, I have set up a thread for notices like this, now pinned at the top of the shop-a-holics section. :thmbsup:

I've locked the thread so that it doesn't become confused with queries and additional posts -- please direct queries privately by PM to the relevant person. Others wanting to post a notice in this thread just let me know and post into this general section and I'll move the post into this thread. :)