View Full Version : Has anyone tried this?

23rd April 2008, 04:36 PM
http://www.peticure.com I've seen it advertised on TV quite a bit the last little bit, and keep tempting myself to buy one to try - Has anyone tried this? Does it really work to keep the hair out of the rotary tool like they claim? I have used a dremel on my Italian Greyhounds for a couple years now, but have been afraid to do it on Amber for fear that the hair on her feet would get caught in it and get pulled! But as I watched the videos on the website, it claims no hair will be pulled into the rotary tool, eliminating that concern, I just want to know if anyone has experience using this product, I see on their site I can order JUST the guard to add to the rotary tools I already have, I may just order it and try it, but I'd love to hear any experiences anyone may have before I take the plunge!!!!

23rd April 2008, 10:47 PM
I'm curious to know if anyone has tried these, too! I trim both dogs' nails, and am always worried about cutting the quick...this tool looks like it might make the task easier and less painful...I hope someone responds! :xfngr: