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1st May 2008, 04:30 PM
I just bought the Sense-ation harness by Softouch for Miles, who pulls like an ox. I know other board members have used this, but it's just not working for me. Maybe I don't have it adjusted correctly, but Miles still pulls (although not as hard), and if I don't also attach the leash to his collar, the harness shifts and he got his front left leg caught in it last night and he tripped! icon_nwunsureSo now I'm thinking of returning it...plus I've found that it's really hard to use this harness with the Sporn coupler, which I like to use when I walk both dogs at the same time. Truman wears a Puppia harness and is a little wild, but he's not a puller...he's still getting used to the boundaries of the leash! :rolleyes: I find that if I'm holding 2 leashes I'm constantly switching hands to keep them from tangling, and I'm really afraid I'm going to drop a leash. We live in a very "urban" suburb, so my biggest fear is them getting off leash and running into traffic.

I'm still new to the walking 2 dogs at 1 time thing (I know, those of you with 3, 4, 5...10 cavs are probably laughing at me right now!), but I'm having a hard time with this harness. I've read that most people don't like the Halti because it's hard with the cavs short noses (and Miles has a short one), but I thought I remember a few people who liked it. Are there any helpful tips anyone has for this harness, or are there any other anti-pulling harnesses that you like better? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! :flwr:

1st May 2008, 06:18 PM
It isn't fitted correctly, or you have the wrong size, if he can get his leg through it. I have seen this work perfectly with dogs ranging from dachshunds to great danes -- correctly fitted, there is no way he can get his leg through. I use a *triple* coupler with two dogs on Sense-ible harnesses and they work really well, so the Sporn will not be an issue with a correctly fitted Sense-ible... IF the dog is also well trained enough to walk somewhat politely on a lead. Hence:

I'd also suggest approaching this as a training issue -- the main issue of pulling is really a training issue if he pulls even when on a solo lead. It will take time and focused training and NOT walking two dogs at once til both will walk on loose leads.

To be blunt: this is why you generally want one dog fully trained before the second comes along -- and it's why I and many others here always recommend that it is really never a good idea to get a second puppy before the first is at *least* 12 months old -- and trained. The burden of not having waited falls to the owner as it really is a lack of training done by the *owner*, not a dog's problem pulling issue... it is also really hard to take the time to give remedial training to one when you also have a second dog and now don't want to spend double the time walking. But this is what you really need to focus on doing, if you have a dog that can actually continue to pull on a front clip harness and don't want to either have to juggle two leads with risks, or struggle with the coupler. :thmbsup: Only time and dedication with each dog on its own will really address the core problem.

This isn't a criticism, just a statement of reality -- I made exactly this mistake in getting Leo before Jaspar was fully trained (Jaspar was only 9 months; Leo was not a puppy but the same age as Jaspar, but the issue was exactly the same. I should have spent more time with Jaspar FIRST) and it was a BIG BIG mistake that requires a serious amount of time to address that an owner will simply have to give, separately, to EACH dog alone. There's really no other way of dealing with it. Work to train your puller over the coming months and once he is reliable on a solo lead, with or wthout a special walking harness (and some of them rely on pain, and are not a good choice) then you can go back to walking both at the same time.

1st May 2008, 07:28 PM
Thanks Karlin! I know I should have spent more time training Miles before we got Truman (or just waited longer to get a second dog), so I need to put in the extra time to walk them separately until they're able to walk without pulling before I walk them together on a coupler. I figured I didn't have the harness fitted properly, so I will make some adjustments and hopefully it will work better when I try walking him this afternoon! :thmbsup: Thanks again!

2nd May 2008, 11:20 AM
Yes we have sold literally hundreds of them with no returns only people buying more for their friends! Make sure you have the right size and that you have followed the fitting instructions.

If you tighten the top strap more so than the under strap it works better for the cavaliers. This raises the front chest strap. Not too tight now. You can also link the front ring to the D ring on the collar.

3rd May 2008, 03:02 PM
I made the same mistake. I got my cav and my dad brought home a pom literally within days of each other. Both were only 2 months old. BIG BIG mistake. Then I went off to college and was away for 5 years, and it was down hill from then. The only person who took them out for walks was my cousin, and she was only able to do it once in a while, or myself when I'd be home for the holidays. Needless to say, they were both horrible on lead. I've been working with them consistently for the past month or so. It's now to the point that when I'm walking them solo - they're like angels. They're also improving when together, although they are much more anxious when together. They are progressing. For example, they used to bark at everything - people, dogs, cats, cars, trucks, bicycles, animate and inanimate objects, blowing leaves, odd noises. When I say everything, believe me, I mean everything. It was sooo embarrassing. And we're not talking a single bark, they would bark and bark and bark.
My cav used to pull so hard, he was willing to kill himself pulling. I got a 4 paws no pull training harness, it has been a godsend. He doesn't pull as hard anymore, and he comes back to me everytime there's tension on the lead or when I call him. He also doesn't bark anymore, he pretty much ignores dogs but loves people. He swears everybody is his best friend! The pom was never much of a puller, but he still barks uncontrollably. But he does respond to my firm "NO" and I attempt to correct him before he gets excited.
But I have to say, it is very time consuming and difficult. It's also best to train them when they're tired, so you've got to tire them out first which can be an additional 30 minutes on top of the at least 30 minutes per day of training on lead - EACH DOG. You must train each dog individually because they're behavior effects one another. Each dog has to learn what is expected from them or else all other efforts will be futile. It is a training issue, but these harnesses are useful tools to make the training possible. But they will be completely ineffective unless you utilize the proper training techniques concurrently.