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Brian M
5th May 2008, 12:05 PM
Daisy started quite severe scratching she started a bit yesterday and has spent most of the day continuously doing it ,first it seemed to be mainly behind her ears but now its all over ,as i have three girls initially it was just Daisy but now Poppy has joined in licking biting and scratching her head body and legs so far Rosie is quite unperturbed. I have made a vets appointment Tues pm but as always these things happen on a bank holiday but i am prepared for an emergency call out if need. I have both a flea and a soft gentle shampoo and i will bath them i am also changing all the bedding and as i walk them a lot by the sea in the sandhills would sand mites have affected them ,i have had both on thier backs for a thorough inspection but can see nothing ,they are both up todate with their frontline so i am stuck and getting worried ,dare i mention S M but with two it could not poss be Daisy is 15 monyhs and Poppy 22 months .Any ideas please.Now Poppys biting her feet still now sign of any bugs or fleas

5th May 2008, 12:24 PM
Hi Brian, just a thought, have you changed their diet recently? Maybe they are having a reaction to something in their food? I am sure somebody on here with lots of experience will be able to offer you support or make some suggestions as to what it may be. Just wanted to say hope your girls improve and are more comfortable very soon.

5th May 2008, 03:43 PM
I'd guess they came into contact with something either biting them or making them react -- any chemicals from washing floors, etc? SM wouldn't start up suddenly like that; it is generally progressive and wouldn't be likely to suddenly affect two dogs at the same time. I'd guess it is something environmental so bathing them and using a flea treatment is a good idea.

Brian M
5th May 2008, 04:33 PM
They seemed to have calmed down a bit though still going the vets tomorrow , thinking about their food they all eat the same but in different amounts ie R C and Applaws, and we have all been to the same places and are all in the same environment but its only Poppy and Daisy thats scratching not Rosie so thats got me puzzled. I have not changed their food "except" for adding a few pieces of dried apple and banana but again thats all three but i will leave that out tonight as i only started adding that on Saturday.Thank you for your comments Phoebe and Karlin would you advise using the flea shampoo or the hypoallergenic one .

5th May 2008, 04:54 PM

Hopefully it will just be a reaction to something they have picked up in the sand - or could it be that the sand has irritated their skin on this occassion.

:xfngr:they are okay :)

Brian M
6th May 2008, 08:52 PM
Took Poppy and Daisy to the vets but the answers i got were a bit disappointing ,first he asked all the questions i thought he might such as change of habitat and diet then he looked down Daisy's ears and informed me she had an ear infection and prescribed daily drops "Canaural" then cleaned them with CleanAural checked her coat and skin no fleas and then gave her an injection (back leg) ,anti-inflammatory (i presume) which he said will stop the scratching for a week .And if still the same in a week to go back ,so i got thinking what have i changed and the only items i can think of are the dried apple and banana i introduced a few pieces to their meals on Saturday so i have stopped that then i bought two pet mats from the recommended site Sky Skyns and put them on the bed and one of the cat beds the girls (Daisy) use so i have put them away for now .Poppy had exactly the same treatment and diagnosis which i thought strange for both to have the infection within 2 hours of each other but Rosie is still fine ,whilst there i asked for a weight check on Pops and she is 14.1 kg so shes going down ,thats 1 kilo in about a month its slow but its working. I am still totally puzzled over the scratching so all thoughts and ideas are most welcome please :confused::confused:
Another question should i start the Canaural drops tonight ?

7th May 2008, 01:36 AM
I know you are in a different geographic region than I am, but this time of year causes all sorts of allergic outbreaks simply due to all the different plants blooming. Could the dogs be reacting to seasonal allergies?