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6th May 2008, 12:09 PM
I have been 'lurking' and reading the forum for a long time now so I guess it's about the time I introduce myself. My name is Sara and I am a cavalier & charlie breeder from Finland. I have been owned by cavaliers since 1992 and have loved dogs all my life. Dogs are a hobby that I share with my mother and we also hold our affix jointly.

At the moment I have 4 dogs at home: Cavalier Pammy (6 yrs) and charlies Buffy (5 yrs), Coffy (1,5 yrs) and Orly (3 months). My mother has three cavaliers that I also co-own: Wendy (10 yrs), Emmy (2,5 yrs) and Bessy (1 yr). Unfortunately I don't have a joint photo of them all to show right now, but here is a photo from 2 years back. The oldest of the 'pack' (Honey 16 yrs & Sandy 13 yrs) sadly and suddenly left us this January.


(in the photo: Our whole pack in the Christmas of 2006 - from left back row: cavalier Wendy, charlie Coffy, Cavalier Emmy, front row: cavalier Honey, Cavalier Sandy, charlie Buffy and cavalier Pammy. Relationships: Honey is Sandy's mother, Sandy is Wendy's mother. Pammy is Emmy's Mother and Buffy is Coffy's mother. ;) )

Brian M
6th May 2008, 12:40 PM
And welcome and what a adorable dogs ,so sorry you lost Honey and Sandy recently

Warmest wishes

Brian ,Dawn & Luke

Poppy (Tri) ,Daisy (Blen) & Rosie (Ruby)

Ami & Tammi
(our two cats)

6th May 2008, 02:06 PM
Hello and welcome, what beautiful dogs :)

6th May 2008, 05:43 PM
Lovely doglets. Sorry to hear about Honey and Sandy.

6th May 2008, 07:34 PM
Beautiful dogs sorry to hear about your loss.

6th May 2008, 07:46 PM
Welcome to you and your beautiful Cavaliers and Charlies!!!

7th May 2008, 04:01 PM
Welcome, what beautiful dogs you have! :lotsaluv:

7th May 2008, 04:17 PM

Elaine 2
7th May 2008, 07:52 PM
Hi and welcome, your dogs are all beautiful :luv:

7th May 2008, 07:59 PM
Welcome and BEAUTIFUL family of pups! Sorry for your loss.