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7th May 2008, 08:17 PM
Hello, My name is Sue and I live in Liverpool, England. I have two Cavailers, Arnie a Blenheim boy who will be 2 on 25th June and Troy a ruby boy who will be 1 on 8th September. Arnie has just become a daddy today for the 2nd time. His 1st litter was born just over 8 weeks ago, 1 boy and 3 girls. They are going to their new mummy & daddy's this week :lotsaluv:cavtiny
The litter born today were 4 girls :lotsaluv:cavtiny

I just love my boys to bits, i have two daughters aged 12 and 8, the "boys" are my children also :lotsaluv:cavtiny

7th May 2008, 09:11 PM
Hi and welcome! Glad you found us as there is a lot of information here that should be of interest, but on the basis of this post I am afraid I have to raise an important issue -- I do not allow discussions of specific breeding events here except by breeders who I know or can confirm are reputable, health focused breeders who are fully affiliated with their national clubs and do the crucial health testing before even considering breeding.

I am already alarmed that you are breeding Arnie at under the minimum age that is recognised in the MVD protocol for healthy hearts (http://www.premiercavalierinfosite.com/mitralvalvedisease.htm) in a breed that is ravaged by mitral valve disease (http://board.cavaliertalk.com/showthread.php?t=9214) -- are you aware of this? -- which leads me to believe you are not breeding with regard to keeping this breed healthy and are probably also unsure of whether Arnie is of breeding quality (eg has important genes that should be conserved). Has he been cardiologist tested? Have all four of his grandparents, and his parents? Has the dam been similarly tested? MRI'd for syringomyelia? Have you also tested hips, eyes and knees as well? icon_nwunsure

I know this board policy means many reputable breeders are unable to post because they cannot establish their bona fides as breeders, but if you read the Getting Started section where I discuss this specific issue you will see why I have taken the stance I have. The summary of my perspective is that this is a board very firmly focused on health in the breed, and I strongly discourage anyone getting any puppies from people who breed outside of well established health guidelines as the breed is being slowly destroyed by such people. Because of this I will not allow even the discussion of backyard, casual breeding or breeding by anyone lacking a full understanding of the serious health issues in the breed and how to best avoid them in every litter. :( I would encourage you to learn more about MVD and syringomyelia and other breed health issues if you wish to be a responsible caretaker of the breed and not contribute to its decline. :thmbsup: