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11th May 2008, 07:56 PM
Hi, im new to the site, my name is Jules and I have a 9 week old female Blenheim called Darby.

I have a question about worming, when we got Darby, we noticed she tends to scoot a little bit, but as she has had 2 courses of worming (Panacur 2.5%) at 3, 5 & 8 weeks with the breeder recommending another worming at 12 weeks, so i didn't really think it possible she could have worms since she had been treated, i took her for a vet check and 1st vaccination on Friday and mentioned the scooting and he said to worm her next week (she will be 10 weeks). Now today after accidentally stepping in her poop in the backgarden and cleaning it off (eew!), i noticed tiny white specks there, now i'm worried she might have tapeworm. So i have 2 questions really, Is it ok to worm twice within quite a short timescale? and what worming solution would people recommend that will cover Tapeworm? I really want to get rid quick if it is worms as i have a toddler who is constantly putting his hands in his mouth :eek:

Thanks and sorry for the long post!

Jules & Darby

11th May 2008, 11:24 PM
Hi Jules,

Welcome to the forum. :)

It is a horror when you see those worms isn't it. I remember the first ever dog I "purchased" as opposed from picked up in the street, had a tummy full of worms. Back in those days I wasn't particularly dog educated & I purchased the fattest puppy, because I thought he looked the healthiest. It turned out his fat tummy was full of worms. :*gh:

I don't know the worming product you are using. We (here in Australia) use Drontal All Wormer. People who live in areas of hydatid (usually rural folk with cattle on their land) use the one that covers for hydatid too, but it is unlikely you will have to worry about hydatid.

If I were you, I'd give the vet a quick call & ask what product to use, and also ask if it is safe to use it now, or whether you need to wait.

BTW - If a puppy has worms, it does usually take several treatments before they are all gone, because the worming medicine can't kill them in all stages of the cycle. If the breeding bitch was not adequately wormed when the puppies were in the uterus, then the puppies can be heavily infested.

I know it is really gross, but it sounds like you are being very vigilant at addressing this. :)

PS: - I wormed my family at the same time I wormed the puppy, as at that time, I too had toddlers. Errrr... I didn't use Drontal on the children, I used something specifically for kids. :D

13th May 2008, 09:35 AM
My vet recommends worming every 2 weeks till 3 months old.