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16th May 2008, 08:10 AM
dr called us back on nemo's per-neutering blood test result.
he advised me that our nemo is low on blood protein. 2.7% and under is low and he is 2.5%
i am switching nemo from prairie 26% to instinct 32% in protein (both nature's variety). I saw EVO is about 42% in crude protein but i think its too high for his activity level.
He also asked me to contact the breeder to find out how much his litter mate weights currently. He wants to find out if nemo is small compare to his litter mate. (Nemo is 10.6pd at 6month)
Vet said that worst scenario is liver problem. I was so worried that i didnt get to remember the whole conversation so i maybe missing some terms....
Our vet will have blood test again when he go in for his surgery next Wednesday.

anybody knows anything about dogs blood protein level? is it anything cavalier specific?any input will be much appreciated.

16th May 2008, 09:23 PM
I don't really have any advice, but I hope that Nemo is doing better :flwr: At least he's eating a high quality food, and it sounds like your vet is being proactive and trying to figure out how to get him better. Good luck, and keep us posted on how he's doing!

17th May 2008, 06:44 AM
thank you for ur support. i am so glad to have found this dr as well!

17th May 2008, 12:01 PM
A good breeder will be able to answer your questions as she should know about these issues and also whether there's any history of problems -- and obviously will want to know about your current concerns as this potentially would be important for her own breeding programme.

I have never heard of blood protein levels being a concern in cavaliers. I have had a rescue dog have a similar result and there was fear of kidney problems but it turned out to be malnutrition from poor feeding in his original home. :(

I found this on dogs generally:

Total protein includes albumin and larger proteins called globulins. Included in the globulins are antibodies which are protein molecules. Total protein can be increased if the dog or cat is dehydrated or if the pet's immune system is being stimulated to produce large amounts of antibody. Total protein is decreased in the same situations which reduce albumin or if the pet has an abnormal immune system and cannot produce antibodies.


Also see:

Dog has low protein
Low protein could mean many things. I guess right at the onset I would start monitoring for weight loss as being the biggest indicator of whether this is a more serious problem.

Low protein means he is either not eating enough protein or if he is, he is either not digesting it or absorbing it properly. Secondly if that is not the problem, he may be losing it before he can utilize it eg he may be losing large quantities when he pees, which would indicate a problem with kidney function.

Both conditions have very different meanings and diagnostic approaches and treatments and would require a lot of factors to examine including doing a stool parasite test, do a urine test to test check for protein levels in the urine, examining the possibility of food or digestion intolerances or deficiencies.

It is likely that a recheck on blood will need to be run in the near future and that a step by step approach would need to be taken to determine whether low protein in this case was an incidental finding or whether it indicates something medical.

Good luck and remember to monitor the weight weekly - it will be a good indicator. Let your vet guide you on the direction to follow.

Martin Slome DVM


which sounds like what your vet is doing. :thmbsup:

18th May 2008, 12:46 AM
thanks Karin,
We are going to have his blood checked again next week.
i am planning on talking to the breeder if our vet agree it to be an issue.
that was also a suggestion of our vet.
thank again for your help on the article. my vet was right on the money. (weigh loss and possible liver issue)
i am so glad to read more about it in detail. Thank u!