View Full Version : What kind of Royal Canin?

17th May 2008, 09:31 PM
Hello :) I hope that no one minds this thread but I have a question!

I have been feeding my cavalier Royal Canin since he came home and when I was researching what food to purchase it seemed like the the very best commercial dog food that I could find for him and I understand many of you also serve your dogs royal canin as a staple.

Here is my question, which KIND of royal canin is best for a cavalier? I live in the United States and as yet we don't seem to have the Cavalier variety available.

Now that I'm switching from the small dog puppy formula, I'm curious which I should buy.

Should I be feeding the generic >25 lb small dog formula? What about the skin/coat formula? I noticed that the chihuahua formula advertises itself to be good for heart health but I can't imagine that I should be feeding him THAT since chihuahuas are such smaller/different dogs.

Also, is there any way I could get a hold of the Cavalier formula here in the States (California in particular) and if so is it worth the extra effort?

Thanks so much!