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24th May 2008, 09:00 PM
Well I finally found some time to upload the pics I took yesterday evening and this morning.. (My boyfriend and dogs are all sleeping ;))
So here we go...

When we arrived at the breeders, Qnotje just knew she was coming with us.. She was dancing and jumping around!

Mmmmmmmmm a finger!!! I LOVE it!

On the way home she behave like a real lady! At first she was a bit nervous but soon enough she tried to find a nice way to lay down and sleep.. So after like 45 mins the little misses was sleeping already :)

She ate right before we left (or it would have been too late when we got home) so it was wait and see how she would react, but she passed the test with BIG honours :)

Then we got home.. At first exploring the house for a bit..

Sitting down and wachting.. That's what I like best! See for yourself!

oooohhh what is this?

oh yeah I think I can manage this

what are you trying to tell me? Are there more dogs around???

Ohhhhh boy what is this all about?


Hmmmm what breed is this??

Then there was the night..
Yes yes, the little miss gave us an exclusive concert which we both enjoyed. She finally gave up, fell asleep and woke up at 6am this morning
Then I put her outside and all was well again

After all of that of course it was time for some ... FOOOOOOODDDDD

So far she has been SOOOOO good, so brave, so sweet, so EVERYTHING!!

And since my boyfriend had an accident today he can't go to work for at least a week (for now) so she'll get even more attention

And yeah.. there will be more pictures in the coming days/weeks

Thank you for watching!