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7th June 2008, 02:27 PM
Hi, well the day has come. Dixie is scheduled for her spay on Monday. I am sad. I hate the thought of changing her in any way. I am so afraid her beautiful soft, straight coat will change, or her playful puppy personality etc. Not to mention the fact that I will be so sad to see her in pain. That being said, I know it is for the best, and I will get over it.
Please tell me about the onesie. She is 13 lbs. What size should I get? Is there a style that fits them better? Also, this may be a dumb question, but how do you put it on them? Do you just snap it around thier tail? I don't have one yet, so maybe it will make more sense after I buy one, but any advice on the onesie or getting through this ordeal will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Judy and Dixie

7th June 2008, 03:31 PM
Good luck w/ the spay. I have to say Sasha did fine with it... sleepy the first day or two, but really she was perfectly fine. I had the same feelings you are experiencing, but really I worried for nothing. It comes and goes.

The onesies were a great idea from a friend, & they kept Sasha from licking at the wound. Unfortunately I can't remember the brand or size (not much help, i'm sorry!), but I know I bought a couple of inexpensive ones in Babies R Us. I didn't buy the ones in the package because you can't see the length, which was the most important factor. I used my judgment & it worked out. Also, make sure the neck hole is stretchy enough.

First put it over her head, then get the front paws through (I stuck my hand through the "armhole" and then gently pulled her front leg through. I only snapped the two outer snaps (around the tail I think.. don't really remember). Then you simply unsnap it and roll it up when it's time for her to "do her business".

It worked out great, and she looked so cute too!

Good luck!!

Gingers Mommy
8th June 2008, 04:56 PM
I used a onesie as well. Sorry dont remember the size either :(
But one thing I did I thought was helpful was I covered the area (or the vet had) and I put a stretchy Ace Bandage around her waist (and wound). She wasnt able to lick anything and it seemed she was more comfortable. Esp since if I had to leave for a bit, I was afraid she was going to get all tangled in the onesie- little houdini figured out how to get out of it!

8th June 2008, 05:08 PM
Re: Sizing for onesies.

It'll depend on your dog's length. Lucky got a 24 month size, but he was his adult size when he was neutered (he had 2 undecended testicles though, so his was more like a spay with incisions on his abdomen). You'll need a smaller size.

Here's what I did to figure out Lucky's size: I measured Lucky neck to tail, and then I want to Target (not sure if you are in the US or across the pond ... basically a walmart type discount store with all sorts of stuff ...). I went to the stationary department and got a ruler and took that to baby section and measured the onesies to make sure I got him the right size!! Then I bought the 2 closest sizes to be safe and returned one.

Oh, and once I tried it on him, I cut a hole on the bottom of the back, right above the snaps for his tail. Just a short slit ... maybe an inch or so .. not really a "hole". Worked perfectly.

8th June 2008, 05:28 PM
Keep in mind that her *normal* state is 'in neutral' so to speak -- without being in the flux of hormones -- a spay means she doesn't go into sessions where she DOES change -- personalities change when they are in heat, not out of it.

She will likely become less playful as an adult, but this has nothing to do with a spay. Puppies naturally mature and become less frisky and playful just as we don't continue to play like children once we reach aduthood. This is a perfectly normal shift for her to go through. :)

Her coat will change anyway as well. Right now she still has the coat of an immature dog. The adult coat is slightly heavier and shinier rather than downy and soft. Dogs tend to start getting that coat at age 1 to age 2 or so though some come in faster and some slower. This too has nothing to do with neutering. Some dogs have a coat that does change somewhat due to neutering -- but this is a very minor cosmetic issue and most people wouod not even identify a clear difference in the coat -- or will blame neutring for something caused by the fdog having poor skin and coat condition, being overweight, or simply having the genes to dispose it to having a fluffier or curlier coat as the dog gets older. I have three dogs spayed before age one and none has developed a curly coat, for example. I doubt anyone would think either Jaspar or Leo has a coat that looks like what many imagine a neutered coat would look like -- or Lucy. Lily has a fluffy dry coat -- but she has a skin condition down her back and she seems to just be wired to have that type of coat as I got her within what must have been only a few months of being spayed. :thmbsup:

With onesies -- I cut a hole for the dogs' tails and then unsnap them and roll them up so they are like a t-shirt when they go out to toilet. I've never had to use a onesie more than about three days.

8th June 2008, 06:14 PM
Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. They will definitely help me when I go today to pick up a onesie. Karlin, thank you for explaining my concerns. Dixie is now15 mo., so I don't know if her adult coat has come in or not. It is shiny, silky and straight right now, but I wouldn't say it is overly thick. Does it thicken over time? Again, thank you everyone for your advice. Appreciate it and now I think I understand how the onesie works. Judy and Dixie