View Full Version : Hay Fever and Cavaliers

Brian M
9th June 2008, 10:10 PM
As the title said do cavaliers get hay fever or its doggy equivalent its just that over the weekend i have been sneezing away with eyes streaming and a sore throat and Poppy and Daisy have been scratching again ,so up to the vets again this morning (this excess on Pet Pals is catching me every time) the vet inspected all three and as before no fleas or similar (they had their 6 week frontline on Sat) and suggested a steroid injection for Pops and Daisy ,Rosie's not been too bad .The injection lasts for ten days and she suggested after that if it flares up to try a 2 mg (if thats wrong i do have the correct amount on a bit of paper in the car)tablet or half of piriton tablet and that the girls may have a touch of doggy hay fever which shows itself in scratching.They were not as itchy as last time and i think it was a bit OTT on my part but it got me wondering and really hay fever is just an allergic reaction to pollen of some sort so they may have an allergy to something but that seems a very long road to start down.

9th June 2008, 11:46 PM
It easily could be allergies. I know our Willow has an allergy to SOMETHING outside. Her reaction isn't scratching, but her eyes swell up and look just awful. I took her to the vet early this spring when I first saw her eyes, and she got drops that cleared it up. She was fine for a week, then it came back. A few more drops and all was well. Shortly thereafter, she went to stay with my parents for 10 days. Her eyes were fine, but the day she came back to our house her eyes swelled again! She has to be allergic to something growing nearby. The heat came when she came home, so the next day we closed up the house and turned on the AC. Within a few hours, her eyes were back to normal!

It's a good thing she's not a dog who enjoys being outside--she stays inside almost all day long (except when I make her go out to potty)--so she's fine with the AC on.