View Full Version : Extra heart beats

11th June 2008, 10:47 PM
Sally went to the groomers yesterday and as part of this they get a free health assessment with the vet at the hospital. When he listened to her heart he thought he heard a few extra beats and thought it could possibly be a conduction problem. Has anyone ever heard of this in Cavaliers? He didn't think she needed to be referred to a cardiologist as she appears fit and healthy. She is very athletic for a cavalier and has endless energy. He did say that perhaps a pacemaker would fix the problem but that seems very extreme. Now I'm thinking should I go to my regular vet and ask for a cardiologist referral or while she is fit and healthy leave well alone? I'm worried in case she collapsed while exercising as she can pick up some speed with the other dogs on the field! :confused: For now she is having a good diet and is well exercised.

12th June 2008, 12:01 AM
My vet thought she heard an occasional extra beat with Leo and suggested he be checked at some point by a cardio though at the time she didn't feel it was urgent. She also said sometimes they can just sound like this if they are anxious etc. She has not heard the extra beat since. I would check with the UK cavalier club to find out what health clinics are coming up as you could get a low cost heart auscultation at one of those events as that would either set your mind at rest that there's no problem, or get you on the right path to learn more if there is such an issue.