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15th June 2008, 06:56 PM
I'm new to the site and had a question about house training. Is the crate method the best to use. Our precious Cavalier Maggie is 4 months old and is just a joy. We are still having some house training issues. We've been using the crate and just trying to be patient and consistent but wanted to know if this was the best method or if there were any other ideas. Thanks.

16th June 2008, 06:36 PM
She should be having housetraining issues for a good few months yet, too. :) She is only a small puppy and really it will be 6 months of age before she us fairly reliable and usually a year til you can say they are housetrained.

Crate training is a big help and useful for other things too, so many of us will definitely recommend it! A crate is the safest way to transport your dog in a car for example, and a crate trained dog can go with you easily on holidays and stay safely in a hotel room, etc..

There is info on crate and house- training in the Library section, and recommended books -- Shirlee Kalstone's book on housetraining is my must-have recommendation. Remember the shortest way to housetrain a dog is PEOPLE commitment -- 100% supervision, 100% of the time, and in the crate when that cannot be managed (unless that means long periods of time as puppies cannot hold themselves -- full time workers unavoidably have a much harder and longer time housetraining and may never have a totally reliable dog unless they take time off to focus on training their dog).

It is important to have expectations that match 1) the age of a puppy; 2) the learning ability of an individual -- they all differ and all go at different speeds, just like people; and 3) your time and training commitment to your puppy. :) The last is the most important -- it is never the case of a puppy that cannot learn; but is often the case of an owner needing to give more time and effective training! :lol:

Positive methods, never any punishment, 100% supervision, and setting a puppy up for success as much as you can (eg do not create the circumstances in which a puppy can make a mistake and go inside -- by not supervising, leaving too long without taking out, forgetting to take out at key times like on waking, after meals, after drinking, after playing -- make for easy and fast training.

If you use the 'search' function on the site you will also find many, many threads with housetraining advice. :thmbsup:

29th June 2008, 03:37 PM
my puppy Brodie is 9 weeks old and he does not use the bathroom in his crate.. I put him in it to feed him, then i wait 10 minutes and put his water in there for him, then after 15 minutes we go outside and he has to go right away. when we come back in i remove all food and water, and let him run around in his pen/play with me. and i dont have to worry about him having to go so i can let him roam free for about an hour. 2 hours after we come back from the bathroom i offer more water in his crate for 15 minutes, then let him back out. bring him in, let him sleep.. 2 hours later its lunchtime and we start it over again.
he stays in his crate all night and goes immediately when we wake in the morning.
For 9 weeks I am so surprised he is doing so well with this.
another tip, do not ever, go to him while he is whining. I went by that from day one.. you dont want him to learn that whining brings you to him.
good luck! hope i provided some sort of help.