View Full Version : My breeder's message: What else should I ask him?

16th June 2008, 07:41 AM
[message deleted for reasons below -- admin]

That is his message to me. Is the mitral valve disease serious and should I just look for another breeder? Edit: I just figured out what Mitral Valve was.. slipped my mind.. used to abbreviations ><. I just asked him what grade was it and hope to get a reply as soon as possible. Oh and should I ask him which parent has it? Or does both or something? Thanks
What else should I ask this breeder?

The puppy's name is Jolly and is Blenheim btw. Thanks in advance.

16th June 2008, 09:41 AM
I have removed your breeder's email -- it actually is not appropriate to repost someone else's message without asking permission from them (technically, it is even a violation of copyright, but it is more that it is netiquette and also identifying details should really not be there as well -- much of that email was very personal and should not be posted publicly).

Regarding your questions: please have a careful read through the Library section on buying a cavalier as it covers health issues -- you definitely must learn what these are to decide if this is the right breed for you! -- and other aspects of finding a good breeder are also crucial. :thmbsup: Nearly ALL cavaliers will eventually get MVD and there will be costs, sometimes very expensive, associated with it, so you need to be prepared for the outlay of vet costs and medications for this very common issue. Good breeders cardiologist test and you will want to get the most recent tests (within the year) on parents and perhaps grandparents. You might want to ask the breeder about syringomyelia as well.

16th June 2008, 09:42 AM
If it was me, I'd be wanting to check the parents' heart-checks and to see what ages the heart-checks go up to.

Responsible breeders will also carry out MRI scans on the dog and bitch before breeding. There are recommended criteria in the UK, which I'm sure someone will be able to expand upon.