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Emma n Renco
16th June 2008, 11:07 AM

We are now in the countdown for our wedding (2 weeks and 5 days) eek! We have failed to find out what we need to do exactly to bring Harvey over with us from Holland to UK by internet searching. He had the Rabies shot a year ago to prepare for this trip but is there anything else we have to do? We will be driving down to Calais and going through the tunnel to Dover...

It's a big journey and don't want to get to France and find out we can't take him through!

Thank you in advance


16th June 2008, 11:09 AM
You probably cannot do this now -- you need to check immediately with your vet!! He will NOT be allowed into the UK without a Pet Passport and this (I believe) requires antibody testing and the vaccine must have been within the last year. Your vet can give you the details but I doubt he will be able to travel.

Full info: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/index.htm

Cleo's Person
16th June 2008, 11:11 AM
Good luck with the Wedding!

16th June 2008, 11:12 AM
No, you cannot bring him. You needed to antibody test him months ago and it also takes at least 21 days to prepare the documentation for the passport:


Procedures for dogs and cats

Microchip identification
Questions and answers on microchipping
Vaccination against rabies
Blood testing and the 6 month rule
Approved laboratories
Lab containment requirements
Documentation and the 21 day wait
Guidance notes on completing passports
Notes for dog and cat owners taking their pet abroad (33 KB)
Pet passport control sheet (18 KB)
Treatment against ticks and tapeworms
Listed countries
A pet cat or dog, including guide and hearing dogs, must meet certain conditions to be able to enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine. It will have to be:

Identified with a microchip
Vaccinated against rabies (in accordance with the recommendation on the vaccine manufacturer's data sheet)
Blood tested at an EU-approved laboratory and get a satisfactory result
Issued with an EU pet passport or, in a non-EU listed country, a third country official veterinary certificate.
Treated against ticks and tapeworms.
For dogs and cats entering or re-entering the UK these steps must be carried out in the order shown. Use the links above for more detailed information on each of these steps.

A dog or cat may not enter or re-enter the UK under PETS until 6 calendar months have passed from the date that the blood sample which gave a satisfactory test result was taken.

The rules are to protect human and animal health and to reduce the risk of importing rabies into the UK. Animals not meeting all the rules must be licensed into quarantine.

There are no requirements for dogs and cats travelling directly between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

What vets can do

Any registered veterinary surgeon can microchip, vaccinate and arrange blood testing and record the details of microchipping and the vaccination in the passport. They can also carry out, record and verify the tick and tapeworm treatment. In Great Britain, only Panel 2 Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI) may complete the boxes in section IV of the passport headed "Authorised Veterinarian" to verify the details given about the rabies vaccination. Panel 2 LVIs must also complete all details required in section V on the blood test. The guidance accompanying the passport explains these responsibilities in more detail.

Where PETS procedures can be carried out

Pets can be implanted with a microchip in any country. The rabies vaccination (including boosters), blood sampling, issuing of documentation, the tick and tapeworm treatment and (if necessary) issuing the official certificate of tick and tapeworm treatment must all be carried out in the UK or another qualifying country.

Taking dogs and cats out of the UK

A dog or cat can be issued with a passport after being fitted with a microchip and vaccinated against rabies. It can then enter most other EU countries 21 days after the date of the rabies vaccination. However to enter Malta, and the Republic of Ireland other than direct from the UK, and to enter or re-enter the UK, it must have a blood test. This can be done before the animal leaves the UK or while it is in another qualifying country. To enter Sweden a pet must also be treated for tapeworms using a product containing praziquantel no more than 10 days before entering that country. The Swedish Authorities do not require cats or dogs to be treated for ticks and tapeworms if they are being imported directly into Sweden by boat or air from the UK or Ireland. We also understand that Cyprus also has additional entry requirements. There is also important information a pet owner should know if they are taking their pet to north Cyprus (the area north of the Buffer Zone).

To enter a non-EU listed country, pets may need an export health certificate or an import permit. Some of these countries may require an animal to have been vaccinated against rabies within a specified period before it arrives so you might need to revaccinate some pets against rabies before the booster is due.

It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that they meet the entry requirements of the country to which they wish to take their pet. They can obtain more advice on taking their pet from the UK to other countries from their local Animal Heath Divisional Office.

16th June 2008, 11:20 AM
Second thought -- I think maybe the 21 day wait is only for dogs exiting the UK -- but you still would need the rabies vax to have been done in the past 12 months and get a blood panel done by a certified lab, submit paperwork, have the microchip done, etc. Usually it takes a couple of weeks to get the blood results back for the passport. I'd say call your vet IMMEDIATELY to see if there's any possible way of completing all the paperwork and testing needed. I do not think this can be done in the short time you have left though. :(

16th June 2008, 11:26 AM
OK, read more: NO, you definitely cannot travel with him. A pet passport is only issued for travel 6 MONTHS AFTER you received blood tests back -- so you needed to have the blood test done at least 6 months ago, same as I had to do to bring Lucy from the UK. They will absolutely not budge on this and he will be refused entry -- the UK is very strict on inspecting animal documentation. He would be put in quarantine for 6 months in the UK.

Validity of a passport (6 month rule and 21 day wait)

A passport will not become valid for entry or re-entry to the UK under PETS until 6 calendar months have passed from the date the blood sample which gave a satisfactory test result was taken. For example, if a blood sample is taken on 1 January, the animal can enter the UK from 1 July. If the passport is issued after that 6 month period has passed, it will be immediately valid for entry to the UK.

The passport will remain valid for entry to the UK provided the animal receives a rabies booster vaccination by the “Valid until” date in section IV (see the vaccination section for more details). This section also explains what to do if the booster has been missed.

The passport will not become valid for travel from the UK to other EU countries for 21 days from the date of the animal's rabies vaccination.

So even if you went and got blood tests today, he still could not travel until 6 months AFTER you get the results back.

Emma n Renco
16th June 2008, 01:45 PM
Phew - we just went to the vets - we did plan for this in the sense that we had the blood tests done 8 months ago with the all clear, he is micro chipped and had the rabies jab 10 months ago.

We automatically get a pet passport over here when registering with the vets (is that the same thing) as the vets say that it is the same as what is being asked for.

He has to go in the Monday before we leave and have this flea & tic spray thing done & documented and also gets given a pill for the tapeworm requirement which has to be given no more than 48 hours before we leave..

Is the passport the same as what we have from the vet with his full medical history or is it something different? It's not a huge problem if we don't take him as we have to leave Bella anyway, but ideally we want him to come over with us.... Thank you

16th June 2008, 02:53 PM
Oh that is *great* as the blood tests and not just the rabies vax itself is what is really important. If those were done then you are down now to the details -- all the last minute stuff. Just be sure everything is done and documented but the vet correctly.

The 'passport' is just the documentation, but your vet I am sure will be familiar with the process. You can get all the info and the forms from the Defra website too. It is a good idea to carefully read through all the documentation on Defra so you know what is required and why. I printed out everything and had it with me when I travelled with Lucy so I could refer to the background info.

Emma n Renco
16th June 2008, 02:57 PM
Great idea - I am not going to take him unless 100% sure we have covered all bases. Imagine - we'd have to leave him somewhere in France as no way we could not go and get married! So we are going to check check double check and print everything to take with us. I may even contact Defra and send them an email copy of everything to be certain.

The vet is confident that we have everything we need but I'm not sure how experienced he is with the UK security - the Dutch are a lot more laid back!

Thanks again Karlin :-)