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18th June 2008, 11:33 AM
A lady down the school who i dont really know just to say "morning," has taking on a 14 month old cavalier male. Seen him in her car this morning thats how we got talking. He has a fantastic coat seemed to be well looked after. Ur ones prob is that this boy is really shy as i doubt by him he had been socialisted. she says he is terrified of her other dog also of her cats. Even is shy with them tending to hide in a corner. The original owners got rid as there 3 month old has asthma she has been on to them and they said wasnt like that with them, though they did say he has never seen another dog and has only seen cats from their garden wall.
The new owner says Roonie is ok with their kids he will go over to them if the adults arnt in the room and sit on their knee. Also when she tries to put the lead on him he doesnt like it.
Oh he hasnt been nuerered yet she will be getting this done.

18th June 2008, 12:12 PM
What is the advice being asked for? How to work with a shy dog? She should really get him into a rewards based training class. If you send a PM to Tara (TKC) she might be able to recommend someone in that region for her. If he is in a home with younger kids, this may not be a great home for that dog and vice versa, but sounds like he is fine with kids (so that's why I am wondering what advice is wanted here? Who is he shy with, just dogs and cats and adults? It wouldn't make too much sense to me, that he is hiding from adults but not the kids?). I can recommend a good book on working with shy dogs. How long has he been there? If he just moved there he is going to be scared initially or at best, anxious -- especially if there were not dogs, cats and kids in his original home.

If he hasn't been fully vet checked that should happen to make sure he isn't hurting somewhere. If he hasn't been walked on a lead much then she needs to gradually introduce a lead and train him -- I'd also put him on a harness, not a collar, not least because more dogs are comfortable with a harness than collar and lead.

If she wants to call me or email me I'd be happy to talk to her as well -- it would make more sense for her to talk directly to someone for advice to know what she sees as the issues here :). She can email me through karlinATcavaliertalk.com, replacing the AT with @

18th June 2008, 02:06 PM
I think she just wanted to know the best way of working with him at the moment to make him more comfortable in his new surroundings. Not sure how long she has had him as i said she is not a persom i really know but i will try and find out. Her kids aint that young as her young lad is in 6th class so i think that would make him between 11-13 i think.
There was kids in his former house as that was the reason to rehome him the child had asthma.
Will give her ur email address but i did suggest she look on here this morning but she said she had no internet, maybe she could use someones , i dont know.
Def said he was better with the kids that her or her hubby. Would sit on the kids knee and come out to them when they entered the room
Just going to collect my kids now, will give her ur address if i see her.