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Love my Cavaliers
20th June 2008, 04:46 PM
My 5 year old black and tan female, Riley, had decompression surgery last week. Her neurosurgeon has started using titanium implants which he says reduces the formation of scar tissue post-operatively. Does anyone have experience with that? We live in the Chicago area. Also, any hints on how to keep Riley quiet once she's off of crate rest. We have a multi-cavalier household (3 others with one being a puppy) and they can be a rambunctious group at times. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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30th June 2008, 01:41 AM
We have a few who have had the mesh surgery pioneered at LIVS. The mesh is used in human surgery for the same reasons. There's generally good initial results with the mesh surgery but no medium or long term results on it as it has only been done for about two years. I am aware of some dogs that have had difficulties too; one on the board here, which eventually got through a very bad spell, and one that is having problems now, many months after the surgery. Many dogs remain on some pain control post-op, long term. Dr Marino says it takes 12 weeks on average to start to see improvements.

Most have said it is crucial to control your dog's activity levels and strictly observe crate rest. I would not allow a dog to play actively after the surgery or for a long while after crate rest ends. You will likely need to use the crate for management, maybe an xpen, and a lead. I would not let really rowdy dogs all mingle with the dog that has had surgery for a long while either. Too easy for the dog to be smacked accidentally or start to play rough and end up in pain.

Most of the people I know that have had bad periods or relapses feel this was perhaps caused by the dog doing too much too soon.