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20th June 2008, 10:13 PM
...if a CKCS would fit my lifestyle! The dog would have to be good with cats, kids, and other dogs. The dog would have access to an averaged size yard. The dog would only be left alone for short periods of time. Would prefer that the dog be small enough to travel as a carry - on. Willing to give the dog as much excercise as needed. The dog would at least be shown in conformation shows.

Just a few questions - How long does it take to groom a CKCS? How much do cavs shed?

I do know about the breed's health problems.

More info and questions to follow:rolleyes:.

Cathy T
20th June 2008, 11:04 PM
I don't show...both of my dogs are just pets. But I have some concerns I will voice.

As far as the dog getting along with cats, kids and other dogs there just aren't any guarantees. Each dog has such a unique personality. Cavaliers are easygoing, for the most part but who knows whether a particular dog would meet that criteria.

Small enough to travel as carry on. Breed standard is 13-18 pounds....but my boy is 24 lbs!! He started out the same size as all of the other puppies, but sure did grow.

Do you have someone you're looking at to purchase a dog to show in conformation? This can be such a difficult thing to break into as a beginner unless you have someone guiding you.

Again, I don't show, but it doesn't take that long to groomer my two. But they do both shed a fair amount. Daily brushing helps keep down the shedding...but I still vacuum up a fair amount of hair bunnies.

Are you looking for a puppy or an older dog?

20th June 2008, 11:09 PM
If you get a puppy then it is entirely the owner's responsibility to try and give the dog proper training and time and socialising that will determine iof it is good with kids, dogs and cats. But as Cathy notes, in addition, all individual dogs vary. I have two dogs that are not very keen on children. They are also very small as puppies and need constant supervision around young children and vice versa. Many do not like cats. A puppy may grow larger than carry on size for a plane. This is a breed that often gets a bit larger than breed standard and thus goes beyond carry-on size.

Cavaliers shed a LOT. They need to be groomed daily ideally, or at minimum many times a week.

You would be very unlikely to be able to acquire a dog of show quality without putting in some time getting involved with your regional cavalier club, finding a professional breeder willing to mentor and work with you for a while, etc. Very few breeders -- and none with healthy, good quality dogs -- would be willing to sell an intact open registration dog (eg show quality) to someone who hasn't proven themselves over time in some context.

I'd suggest two things: first, if you have lots of questions, especially if many of them are very basic, please use the Library section and the search function as probably all will be answered by the very large collection of basic articles I have in the Library on all topics, and also, probably will have been discussed already in the past. People are always happy to help answer questions but it is more thoughtful to not expect or ask people to answer lots of easily researchable questions and instead save queries for issues on which you need opinion rather than fact. :)

Second: I'd suggest going to some shows and talking to some breeders to get a better idea of whether this is the right breed for you and to get direct advice on how to get involved in showing.

This board has primarily a pet focus though we do have some experienced, reputable breeders here as well who show. But I know they will basically suggest the same -- that you need to get involved with the clubs, get to shows, learn about the breed from people involved in showing the breed, and find a mentor. :thmbsup: Beware of anyone selling supposed show quality dogs over the internet or willing to sell them without expecting you to work closely with them and learn all the ropes. Good breeders just do not sell show prospects in this way but many trash breeders dupe novices into buying their mediocre dogs in this way.