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24th June 2008, 12:11 PM
Hi all,
I have searched the forum regarding worming and found lots of great info (this site is wonderful :) ). However I just have a general question regarding worming.

We gave Amie half a worming tablet (due to her weight, as instructed by our vet) on Sunday. Now, she has had some on/off diarrhea since, usually alternates between poops! That is, 1 poop would be solid, the next would be watery etc. :eek:
Also, I have noticed very tiny white specks in her poop, which I assume from reading about this issue, are segments of worms, but I haven't found any actual proper longer worms. Is this normal? I was expecting something, erm....more substantial. How long does it take a worming tablet to work its magic?

Thanks in advance!!:D


24th June 2008, 01:03 PM
Is she a puppy? Often you will want to worm again in a week or so, especially if you are getting worms. Your vet should advise on this.

Worming tablets often cause diarrhea so I wouldn't worry unless it goes on for more than 48 hours. Just make sure she is getting adequate water especially if she is a puppy.

The worms often come out as specks if they are segments,. Some worms are quite small and also tapeworms come out in segments. It all really depends on the worm. Some others may have more recent experiences that stick in their minds!!

Give your vet practice a call -- I am sure they will be happy to explain what you should expect and if you need to worm again. The vet techs on the front desk are generally used to answering all sorts of general questions and advise on whether and when someone needs to come in too. :) So they are good to contact on a specific dog's case after you've gathered general info.

25th June 2008, 10:23 AM
Thanks Karlin,
Yep, she is only 10 weeks old and when we took her to the vet he said to worm her then and again in two weeks. She is in great spirits otherwise so I will just keep and eye on it for now, and call the vet if needed.