View Full Version : Skin product?

26th June 2008, 04:26 PM
I seem to recall at one point reading about a product that you can put on your dog's skin to discourage the dog from biting hot spots, etc. Does anyone know what the product is or have any suggestions to help deter a dog biting itself?

Barbara Nixon
26th June 2008, 05:05 PM
I tried cloths impregnated with bitter flavour and soothers such as aloe vera, but it made no difference to Teddy. the taste was aweful, as i found when touching my lips after using a cloth. A slightly better, but short lived result was from Topical Anti-itch spray by Nature's Answer ( an NY company, I believe ) and , supposedly recommended by vets. it contains witch hazel, aloe vera, marigold, lavendar, thyme and teatree oil among others.The down side is that it does, temporarily stain the coat brown.(www.naturesanswer.com (http://www.naturesanswer.com) )

Have you had allergy tests done ? Teddy did , but only an allergy to dust mites came up and treating them had no effect. However, he has had brilliant results from Atopica, which dcreases sensitivity, without the bad effects of steroids. we started on one per day (and the dose below his weight range, too reduce any side effects-he had none) and we are now down to one every 5 days, with a target of one per week. The vet said he had good results with it, from dogs who responded well to steroids, the use of the latter not being desirable long term.