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30th June 2008, 06:28 PM
we took on two 10 month old males from a friend and we are having a great time with the puppies! they are beautiful little guys, named Noodles and Hurley, and the kids love the new additions to the family.
our only problem is we feel like we have NO idea what we're doing. i just got the shot records in the mail from the original owner, but they won't disclose where they got the pups from. i plan to have them neutered next month. we wanted to try clicker training but i feel a little lost with all the information out there. is there a definitive source for information on this type of training? what should i expect a 10 month old to know?? they supposedly had puppy training at Petsmart, but if they truly did it doesn't show! they are very hyper for the most part, resulting in us having to crate them for short periods of time while we eat or when our 8 month old son has play time on the floor. is this a training issue, or personality? how often should we be giving them a bath? Hurley squats to pee and still manages to get pee all over his front leg. is once a week too much to bathe them? we wipe his leg down every time he pees on it, too. any suggestions for a huge gnarled knot on the ear? should we cut it out?? the original owner shaved their hair off leaving just the ear and tail, why would someone do that?
okay, that's enough questions. if anyone can help, that would be great.

30th June 2008, 08:21 PM
I wouldnt wash them once a week honestly.. I wash him once or twice a month

30th June 2008, 08:52 PM
I felt like around 9-10 months Miles got a little bratty, so yours might be in that stage right now too. He's now 14 months and is much calmer and better behaved : ) I think if you have 2 boys that are the same age they're going to be pretty active, especially when they're this young. Mine are 7 months and 14 months and they both get pretty worked up sometimes, but it's always the younger one that starts the crazy playing. When they get a bit too crazy we just tell them to calm down and they do. I also find the more exercise they get the calmer they are in the house. I start the morning off with a short but brisk walk and it really keeps them calmer in the morning when we're getting ready for work.

I bathe mine every 2-3 weeks since they also pee on their front legs. Truman still squats like a girl but sometimes steps in it, so I just bathe them both at once every few weeks, and it works out well.

As for the knot in his ear, I would try to gently comb it out...there might be a spray you can use the would help detangle it. I've never had to cut out a knot, I always manage to comb them out.

Some people shave Cavs just like Cockers, I never understood why either, they have such a beautiful coat. Although some people do shave them in the summer because of the heat. I don't clip mine at all (besides the bottoms of their feet), so I don't take them out for walks when it's too hot. They're very sensitive to the heat. At least they left the ears and tail alone! They're the two prettiest parts ;) I hope this helps, and post some pictures of your boys!

30th June 2008, 11:22 PM
There are loads of good training sites with info on dogs pinned at the top of the training section. It is perfectly norma to crate dogs while you eat and use crates for management for short periods. Also you have two unneutered males in the middle of dog adolescence -- who have probably always been allowed to spur each other on (again this is why absolutely no trainer advises homing two puppies together), but you are getting them past the most difficult state of managing them so don't worry -- you can sort things out! :) Neutering should really help in management and they will be less rowdy after they pass through this adolescent phase. :)

I would strongly advise buying one of Dr Ian Dunbar's great manuals on puppy ownership -- widely available on Amazon, Sitstay.com, etc -- as you need a good basic guide to owning dogs. You have taken on a big challenge if you are a novice to dogs and are going to work on two -- I don't say that as a warning, more as a caution on not expecting any quick results as well behaved dogs like well behaved children are the result of good training/parenting, and good management. You'll need to give the dogs time to learn. :) But also, don't feel that it is 'you' -- I'd find two 10 months old intact males with little training a challenge too. Also dogs, like kids, don't simply do a class then become and remain forever trained. :lol: It is daily reinforcement, fun practice, and firm and kind leadership that brings results.

It is normal for cavaliers to sometimes get urine on their coats (or any small long coated breed). You can just rinse the dog's legs in water; no need to bathe which will strip their coats and skin of protective oils. If you want a good basic book on cavaliers, try caroline Coile's intro to the breed. If you want a splurge but an excellent book on every aspect of cavalier care, try Barbara Garnett-Wison's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Fact and Fancy. This has every possible thing you might ever need to know about cavaliers but is pricey -- but a beautiful coffee table book.

There is also a ton of information in the Library section of the board and also if you use the search function you'll find discussions on probaby every topic you have in mind.