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3rd July 2008, 05:09 PM
A man dropped into a vets yesterday a 4 yr old black and tan Cavalier. He got rid of 15 of them this was the last one. They were used totally for breeding. She is in a awful state especially from behind full of matts and poo. From what i can gather she has spent her whole life in a run. She has never had a collar/harness or lead. Never been inside a house. Though saying all this she is a sweet girl. If i hadnt of taking her she was going to be PTS as they thought that because of her back ground no one would want her.
Will get her cleaned up over the next few days, also vac and spayed then decide what to do with her.

3rd July 2008, 05:25 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by 'decide what to do with her'. Are you asking for rescue help or are you taking this on yourself? Are you keeping her?

In future, if the vets want to contact me I am always happy to help with cavaliers whatever the background and to cover the associated costs. Please just give them my number and let them know, it doesn't matter the state of the cavalier or the background, I will talk it through with them. Almost any rescue in the country would take in ex puppy farm dogs -- there is NEVER any reason to need to put such dogs down if they are otherwise healthy. The ISPCA would have taken her too. They could also contact ASH Animal Rescue in Wicklow or PAWS. It's a shame they were not aware of this but I hope will now know there are options for such dogs in the future and don't feel they need to consider pts before contacting a rescue organisation. :thmbsup:

If you are taking responsibility for homing, then do please follow best rescue practice and give full backup, lifetime commitment to take back the dog, and full commitment to pay whatever vet bills may arise with this dog in the short term. Be sure the adopting family gets full background on health issues, care, resources, training information and insurance.

3rd July 2008, 05:30 PM
Just an added note -- I am not comfortable posting up dogs that are not being homed either through rescues, or by individuals working directly through a recognised rescue. I know you have taken in several dogs through this vets, some that you have kept in the past or rehomed on your own, so if you are planning to continue to do so rather than refer them to rescue, you will want to consider a policy going forward. There are many rescues which would take such dogs and home them responsibly with full long term backup for the life of the dog, including me. I am going to close this thread while you decide more clearly what you intend to do with this dog and any future dogs that you are not keeping yourself. :thmbsup:

3rd July 2008, 09:31 PM
Karlin i have tried pm u several times and to put up a new thread but every time i press send the net goes. Anyway trying again. Several things ,this dog did not come from my usual vets who have ur no. This vet is more a big animal vet in port who has no interest in small animals as im sure another member from this board will tell u. I only heard about Mollie as someone that works in the house told someone who told someone else till it got to me. As far as im aware he would not go to the bother of trying to save any small animal be it dog cat or hamster.
As for what im doing with Mollie at the moment not sure as i said the poor thing is in a rotten state with actually maggots in her fur as my groomer has let me now, thats were she is now, also very sore skin which i will be getting checked tomorrow in MY vets. If she settles here, well and good ,if she doesnt i would hope that u could rehome her as i did say in my pm, i wouldnt attempt to rehome her as i would be afraid the home wouldnt suit. In the mean time as i stated in the other thread i am getting her sorted, at the moment id say her skin is the foremost thing. then spay and vac her, and to start toilet training her.

3rd July 2008, 10:16 PM
That sounds good; your original post came across as ambiguous about what would happen with her and either way, I didn't want you to be saddled with the long term responsibility for a dog that may have long term health issues, without thinking things through in detail. I am happy to have my contact details passed to the second vet. It is a shame more do not consider at least talking to the big general rescues, such as ASH or PAWS, before putting otherwise healthy animals down. :(

It does help though to know if such a dog is potentially coming into rescue while it is still at the vets though, not least as some may have health issues or temperament issues that do indeed make them unrehomeable or extremely difficult to rehome, and it is useful to speak directly to the vet for their professional assessment.

Just as a general point for anybody with a cavalier perhaps for rescue in Ireland or Norther Ireland, I'm always on email or PMs or text in an urgent situation (except when I forget that my PM box is full!). In addition Tara /TKC will always reply to a PM or text on behalf of any dog potentially intended for Cavalier Rescue, and is the person to contact if I cannot be reached. Her contact details are listed on the www.dogtrainingireland.ie website. :thmbsup:

I've merged the two threads and reopened them.