View Full Version : how well do puppies do with fireworks?

4th July 2008, 08:28 PM
we thought to go down to the park tonight to see the fireworks. we didn't want to leave the dogs home alone in their crate and maybe get freaked out by the noise, but should we take them with us and have them maybe freak out with lots of people nearby? any thoughts??

4th July 2008, 08:35 PM
PLEASE DON'T TAKE THE DOGS WITH YOU - they will be frightened, fireworks are far too loud for dogs.

If you do not have anyone to stop with the dogs, then shut the curtains and blinds, so that the flashes of light are not visible, and leave the television or radio on loud to drown out the noise of the fireworks.

4th July 2008, 08:38 PM
I would say the same as nicki deff leave them at home

4th July 2008, 08:43 PM
i really wasn't sure which would be worse for them. they seem to get soooo upset and anxious when we have to leave them for any amount of time. just crating them while i make dinner, for instance, drives them wild. but i will just turn the tv up louder and make sure the blinds are shut tight.

4th July 2008, 11:51 PM
Some dogs don't mind the noise of fireworks when they are at home, Dylan is happy to fall asleep while they go off. You'd be fool into thinking he was deaf if it wasn't for the fact that he can hear me opening a packet of cheese from the other side of the house!

5th July 2008, 01:45 AM
Some dogs don't mind the noise of fireworks when they are at home, Dylan is happy to fall asleep while they go off. You'd be fool into thinking he was deaf if it wasn't for the fact that he can hear me opening a packet of cheese from the other side of the house!

So true! Remus will sleep right through the fireworks but let me try and get in the cheese drawer and he's there in a flash. :luv:

Loki is scared to death of them & Leo just barks & barks. :eek:

5th July 2008, 01:52 AM
Although my boys don't seem to be scared of ANYTHING (they really do seem to be the "fearless" cavaliers), including fireworks, which they were exposed to a few weeks ago, I wouldn't risk it...especially in a public area.

5th July 2008, 04:26 AM
My town has a fireworks display each year ... it's a SMALL town but a big display.

You can hear them from my apartment and see them from the street. Lucky started barking the other night and I didn't know what all the fuss was about until I heard the fireworks. He was barking like someone was invading our house. I took him outside and watched the fireworks from the street ... I knew he'd be barking otherwise. We were probably about 1/2 a mile away so we could see them, and we were going to hear them either way.

He actually did okay with them from the distance. He didn't bark once we went outside but I would never take him any closer because they are very loud.

5th July 2008, 09:48 AM
Here's a question: have you actually crate *trained* the dogs (as opposed to simply putting them inside crates?). It is very important, as there's a huge difference between the two approaches and crates should never be used as tiny pens for dogs that have not actually been specifically trained to use them. :thmbsup: An owner can seriously stress them (and create additional, long term anxiety problems) by sticking them in crates if they are not trained to accept them and it sounds like they were not crate trained before you got them, going on your description? If you were told they were, I think they definitely are not, as crate trained dogs are relaxed and happy in their crates. Do you have something like stuffed kongs to give them when they go in their crates so they have something to keep them busy, too?

There is a lot of information on crate training and separation anxiety in the Library section in Caring for your Cavalier. There's also lots of information on these topics from trainers in the training links pinned to the top of the diet and training section.

I cannot stress enough though that you absolutely MUST work on training them first before crating them. I'd suggest in the interim, getting an exercise pen (xpen) and penning them which most dogs are far happier with anyway, especially initially, and then work to crate train. :thmbsup: I find my xpen one of the most useful and versatile things I own! :)

I'd also strongly recommend getting one of Dr Ian Dunbar's excellent manuals on raising and training a dog as it will be an invaluable resource in answering all sorts of questions while also giving you a framework for managing dogs -- especially two, which is considerably more difficult than one. Ian Dunbar's books are widely available from Amazon and other online sites.

You never want to put your dogs, especially young dogs, into stressful situations that can cause lifetime fears (an already relaxed, well trained, confident dog is a different matter). My dogs are mostly indifferent to fireworks but that is for fireworks going off on Halloween and I worked to train them to be fairly relaxed around such noise, though they still make Lily bark like mad :) -- but I'd never actually deliberately take them to where they were going off nearby. Most dogs find them terrifying (it is a major owner issue for most people at certain times of the year) and mine can get scared if lots are going off near to the house at one time. Every Halloween over here, a huge number of dogs end up in the pounds and go permanently missing after they bolt from their homes when fireworks go off. It is the single worst time of the year for rescue and pounds as so many are suddenly homeless.

5th July 2008, 02:02 PM
DONT DO IT,its not worth it.Please leave them at home.xxxxx