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8th July 2008, 08:15 AM
Hi i'm new to the board and new to the world of cavs. We currently have a ex-breeding show type cocker (rescue dog) but are on the lookout for a second dog. I've always liked and wanted a cav but OH at the moment is still coming down on the side of getting another cocker but i'm working on that :rolleyes: . We did foster a very sweet tri girl a couple of weeks ago, but she was very timid and OH is still not convinced that a cav would have the same energy levels as our cocker. Hence joining this board and hopefully gaining enough information and convincing OH.

8th July 2008, 06:28 PM
Welcome to the board

I only look after my brothers Cocker from time to time, she loves my Cavalier but SiânE not that keen on her but that’s down to the fact SiânE is one of the quiet ones who doesn’t play. Before my one lost her sight she would always get excited seeing a Cocker just as much as Cavalier.

But the other Cavaliers we meet can run rings around a Cocker when it comes to energy levels. In fact the only time my brother Cocker has ever played with another dog was a Cavalier. They spend ages running around together over the park.

In fact I think if my brother went for a companion for his dog he would go for a Cavalier as first choice.

The main plus point to Cavaliers is that they don’t hurt when they smack you in the face as they try to give you a cuddle.:lol:

8th July 2008, 09:13 PM
Hi and icon_welcome. Good luck in deciding the breed of your second dog:)