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9th July 2008, 09:09 PM
Charlie is 9 months old. Over the last month he has found his voice and is barking alot for what seems like no reason. I let him out for a wee and he stands at the neighbours fence barking even when nobody is there. His barking is very loud at night time much to the annoyance to my partner(he is getting very annoyed as its not funny anymore hearing him bark). Is ther anything we can do to stop him barking so much?

9th July 2008, 10:25 PM
This is the age at which they tend to find their voice, and he can smell and hear things that you cannot, so most likely he is barking for what he sees as a reason! :)

Barking is a totally normal activity for your dog and is the way they communicate. Cavaliers are not generally a yappy breed, but almost all will bark in some situations, and it is quite difficult to train a dog never to bark -- and virtually impossible from a distance. So the answer (and responsible dog ownership) is management -- eliminating the situation and circumstance in which the unwanted behaviour happens in the first place.

Right now, he barks because he has no supervision and is left to head toward the fence and go do what he wants. Manage the situation by putting him on a lead at night and go out with him. Or, instead of leaving him to run around alone in the back, take him for a walk so that he doesn't end up barking and annoying your neighbours. :thmbsup: Most dogs benefit greatly from a final walk at night -- the exercise is good for them and for us, they get some interaction with something besides the same old things in the back garden, they relieve themselves, they get some mental stimulation, and they sleep better. :)

And have a read of this, which will also help: