View Full Version : update....with some small successes!!!!! :)

11th July 2008, 07:51 PM
last night the puppies were successful in falling asleep in their own crates without barking and crying for each other!! i spoke to a trainer by phone yesterday and i got some advice on some things to do first. thought i'd run it by the group and see what you all think.
first, of course, we had to get them to be in separate crates, even if they were right next to each other, for any amount of time. the trainer went on to say that we needed to feed them, and give them water, in their individual crates. he said we need to get them to where they will sit in the crate patiently for us to place the food in there. noodles sat down and waited, but hurley was just too excited! :)
then this morning, after they ate, we took noodles out first for a walk. he did okay, but he could hear hurley barking from outside the house and wanted to cut his walk short. then we took hurley out, he did sooo much better with noodles not there. he actually listened pretty well, and had no issue with coming back inside after a while. we've been taking them out to play for bits of time separately. the trainer said to do this for a few days and then start incorporating some training with treats. he said this particular breed is driven by their appetite and you can easily train them with food.
i know that i've been frustrated with the dogs, and i really REALLY appreciate everyone's help, advice, opinions, encouragement. i know that i need some help with them, and we're actively looking for a local trainer to help and also will be enrolling in some classes. the puppies are soooo sweet with us when they are calm and by themselves, and i think that they're on the way to be comfortable without each other every second, and that means we could be much more successful with training them.
i won't put the possibility of rescue for them out of my mind completely, but i do want to stick to the commitment we made when we took them on. they are definitely a part of this family and we're willing to do whatever it takes!!! :)

11th July 2008, 08:36 PM
Good for you :rah: Give yourself a pat on the back :thmbsup:

11th July 2008, 09:59 PM
Great Job!!! Keep up the good work. :rah: I can't imagine not giving my pup all I have to be able to keep him and everyone be happy. Keep us posted.....You very well may be pleasantly surprised on how things work out. They are worth the extra effort....:paw:

11th July 2008, 10:48 PM
That's wonderful news!! You took on quite a challenge but if you can get some help and get through this time I think they will probably settle down in time. Just remember, you are not alone, there are resources for you if you need them. Keep us posted on how things go.