View Full Version : Flying home with my new pup, what do I need?

11th July 2008, 09:15 PM
I'm flying to california next weekend to pick up my new puppy. I'm flying back with her, and have never flown with a puppy as carry on before. What do I need?
I know I'll need:
travel carrier
leash and collar
pee pad

Anything else?
Any tips for a newbie traveling with a new pup? How do I potty her in the airport? Just put down a pee pad and pray she goes? :p Thanks for any help you can give me!

11th July 2008, 09:24 PM
That sounds all good to me,cant wait for pics.Non scented baby wipes are handy for all situations.

11th July 2008, 09:32 PM
Good idea. I'll pick up some at Target tonight when I go. Thanks!

Love my Cavaliers
11th July 2008, 11:12 PM
Hi I posted this on another forum but am going to copy it here also. I have flown with my litlle puppy several times from Chicago to Tucson. He was always the star at the airport. EVeryone wants to see, touch, talk to your dog so you might have to keep people away a little bit since she's so little. I flew the first time with Oz (a tri) when he was just under 3 months. He went into the little Sherpa bag and slept the entire flight. I actually kept checking on him to make sure he was alive! We flew that same trip with him at least 4 more times (he just turned one last week). Now I let him walk through the airport on a leash and have only been stopped once. When you go through security, you will need to take off her leash and carry her through - which was always fine with me. Oz still sleeps through the flight - mostly. The last flight he got a little antsy during landing and started whining. I gave him a little treat and he settled down. Also, beofre you leave, don't feed her for a couple of hours before. After I checked in and got my boarding pass, I would check the flight status and then take him out for one last pee. If I was traveling with someone else, they would text me to keep me updated about any delays so I could keep him out longer. After landing, I always kept him in his Sherpa bag and carried him in that until I would get outside. Didn't want to take a chance that he would piddle in the airport. Hope all this helps.

11th July 2008, 11:33 PM
Thanks Bev! That helps a lot. Do you think it'll be okay to take her out during my layover and let her piddle on a pad? That's my plan for now. She will be exactly 8 wks when we fly home. I want a strong bond with her, so I'll definitely protect her from other people just to keep her safe and not scared. I want her to know I'll protect her. I'm a little worried about her being scared and making a ruckus on the plane, but hopefully that won't happen. I'll have 2 days with her to bond before we leave for home, so hopefully that will start the bonding process. Oh, and do you think a collar size 7-12" will be big enough for her?

11th July 2008, 11:48 PM
I brought my 10 wk. old puppy home last year and she did just fine....I opened the top of her sherpa bag and pet her occasionally. I am sure your baby will be just fine too. Good Luck and how exciting~~~~~

11th July 2008, 11:55 PM
I'm so glad i'm reading all this because the breeder I used for Charlie was close to my house, but she's now moved to TX. Some day i want to get a tri-color, and i want to get it from this breeder so its good to read all this so i have an idea on what to do.


Love my Cavaliers
12th July 2008, 12:12 AM
The sherpa bags are so cozy that she should feel just fine and not be nervous. I bent my head down and talked softley and soothingly to Oz several times, as well as kind of rocking the sherpa with my foot. Works with babies, so why not with dogs? Has she been crate trained at the breeders, so she's used to being in smaller spaces? The first time we flew to Tucson with Oz, we left the sherpa bag in the kitchen of the house we were staying at. Several times during that day, he crawled into it and took a nap! And we even had a crate set up for him, but he liked the sherpa from the minute he got into it. Also, I would definitely take him out during your layover. With airline delays being almost the norm these days, you would hate to make an 8 week old wait and then have to pee in her travel bag. Not something either of you would want. Try to find a quiet space for her though - maybe an empty gate. Will she pee on a pad? About the collar size, I'm sorry but I don't remember. I think I got the xtra small size for my new puppies and then bought bigger ones as they grew. I'm so excited for you getting a new puppy! Lots of work,but lots of fun and love.

12th July 2008, 12:14 AM
This is very exciting to get a new puppy but.......being in the states, it is HIGHLY unusual that a reputable breeder would allow a barely 8 week old puppy to go to a new home, much less be taken on an airplane. Cavaliers are very tiny at this age, maybe 4 lbs or so and fragile. Shots haven't been completed and she will be exposed to alot of frightening sights and sounds. Puppies learn so much from staying with their mothers until at least 10 or 12 weeks before they are re-homed. Even a week or two longer can make a huge difference in her development and temperament.

How did you find this breeder, and is there anyway she can keep her until she is more mature? Has she done all the proper health testing of the parents and grandparents of your puppy for heart (mitral valve disease) eyes, patellas and hips? I am not trying to be a spoil sport, I am just concerned.

12th July 2008, 12:44 AM
Was going to say the same -- that's a very young age for a breeder to release a cavalier puppy in the US and is actually the absolute minimum you can fly with -- 8 weeks may be too young for some airlines. Reputable, health focused breeders here on the board tend to home at 10 weeks plus.

Just FYI this is from the CKCSC code of ethics:

The CKCSC recommends ten to twelve weeks as the appropriate age for transfer.

Be sure your breeder is following the MVD protocol and also consider whether having her dogs screened for syringomyelia is important to you or not. The breeder may be an acquaintance but that doesn't necessarily mean good breeding practice, with all due respect. There are some serious health issues in the breed, with most eventually getting MVD, and breeders who are not cardiologist testing and following the MVD protocol have a far higher risk of breeding dogs with early onset MVD. SM is also something to be sure you are familiar with and to ask the breeder about: www.smcavalier.com. Be cautious of anyone who says it isn't a significant breed problem -- I have at least two dogs of my own that say it is. :(

12th July 2008, 12:56 AM
Yes, yes, and yes to all the health checks, etc. If I weren't a breeder myself, she wouldn't let her go to me this early. It's not possible for me to travel next month because my husband is going to be overseas in Amman, Jordan for most of the month. Travel just won't be possible then, and I didn't want her to fly cargo by herself. I'd rather be with her and comfort her. I know all about health testing with dogs, as my sibes are all OFA, CERF, free of epilepsy, etc. I am very very cautious about that kind of thing. If I were a newbie, she said she'd never let her go this early. But, I'm a very experienced dog own and fancier, so she is comfy with me getting her at this age. I appreciate your concern though. I'd be the same way actually. I'm that way with my own siberians.

12th July 2008, 01:21 AM
Hi, me again. The worry wort mom. I just read your intro and I feel much better now. You sound like you have done all your homework and all should be fine. Cavaliers are simply the best dogs EVER if you want a loving, loyal, happy little shadow with you wherever you go.:p

Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures as little Hannah grows.

12th July 2008, 06:13 AM
Don't blame you one bit for being a worry wart mom. I am too, actually. If I were not experienced, I wouldn't feel comfy taking her early. Just so you know I'm committed to my dogs, and have been for a long time, here is a couple of photos for you. This is Ch. Kristari's Silver Medallion, aka Dillon. He finished in Aug. 2001 in Atlanta, GA with 3 majors.


This is Sumik's Cover Girl, aka Taylor, my bitch that I tragically lost to bloat in March of 07. She had 6 pts including a major, but her tail is a tad on the tight side, so I stopped showing her after getting more reserves than I can count.

I have 3 Champions out of Dillon, including one from Taylor. Also, have some Dillon grandchildren that are champions as well. He's a fine specimen of the breed. I'll be lucky to find another stud that I love as much as I love him. He's everything I could ask for in a stud and best friend. :)

Hopefully this will make you feel better about my abilities as a dog owner/fancier/breeder. I've been in the dog world for over 15 years, so I feel pretty confident in my own abilities.

12th July 2008, 02:32 PM
Wow, your dog's are beautiful. PLEASE post a picture of your baby as soon as you get her. I am sure you will be a wonderful human mommie....can't wait to see her.:jump:

12th July 2008, 04:58 PM
Thank you! I definitely will get tons of pics once I get her.

Cathy Moon
13th July 2008, 03:58 PM
The only thing I can think of to add to your list is her dog food and extra piddle pads - in case of delayed or cancelled flights.