View Full Version : Crate - Nearly 5 Months and beginning to protest!

13th July 2008, 01:58 PM
:) My Libby is coming up to 5 months. She is crate trained. Has been since the day she came home. She goes in at night no problem and sleeps soundly til the morning. What has changed is during the day after she has had some play time and lots of free time if I then put her into the crate for a rest and times when I cant watch her 100% to avoid toilet accidents she is beginning to protest!! Before she just settled but now she is kicking up a fuss but does settle after 5 or 10 minutes. I have never let her out during a protest because I feel she will learn thats the way to get what she wants. What I was wondering is this normal for her age and a stage she is going through.:)

13th July 2008, 06:04 PM
From my experience it's normal for some dogs--I found putting a cover over the crate helps. I just cover the sides and back with something that won't make it hot in there. They make them to fit, but since I don't use it all the time, I haven't gone that route. Also, giving a favorite chew toy or even a filled kong (although then they might "expect" it everytime) helps too. Of course, that would have to be before the fuss or when the fussing stops; otherwise, she'll think she's being rewarded for acting up.

Your little girl is already starting to exert her independence! It's good that you're not giving in to her, or she'll be training you!

13th July 2008, 08:22 PM
Just a suggestion, could you move her into an Xpen so that she's not as confined?

Rosie and Mary Alice go into an Xpen when need be and they're fine.

There's room for a bed, bowl and toys.....not as confining as a crate but same idea.

We still put a wee pad down, although they haven't used it in ages.

At 5 months, she probably doesn't need as many naps...that might be why she's protesting.:)

My two end up falling asleep most of the time, when Xpenned. ;D

13th July 2008, 09:16 PM
She will probably not really need rests in a crate in the way she would have slept a lot as a puppy. I found that between about 4-5 months and 12 months, Jaspar was very active and wanted to play a lot; the daytime sleeping was reduced significantly. It was like the difference between a baby and a 5 year old.

Another element here to think of is that you don't want to be using the crate as a place she views as a negative place to be -- eg where she gets put into with nothing to do especially right when she is having fun and playing. If you are crating her for brief periods as part of housetraining, she needs something in there to keep her busy -- some safe toys, a chew toy, a kong. Maybe a small treat right when she goes in. You need to work to retain the positive associations.

I also prefer an xpen for this type of management, with an open crate inside so the dog can go in the crate if wanted; or a room. You can use a crate but I wouldn't really be using one for naps if the dog isn't going in by choice and isn't really interested in rest periods.

Some dogs just don't care much for being crated during the day, full stop. Lucy is crate trained for example, but doesn't like being put in one while things are going on around her. At night is different -- everyone is going to bed.

You are right not to let her out when she is fussing as that rewards the negative behaviour!

13th July 2008, 09:53 PM
Thanks for the replies. As you have suggested I will but her in a larger area but with an open crate if she wants to go and and have a nap. I have a downstairs toilet with a small area in front of it. She would still be able to see whats going on without feeling so confined. I just need to do this when I nip to the shops for an hour or so. She's not fully housetrained and she a bit of a chewer and will grab anything, run with it and chew away! So leaving her the run of the front room wouldnt be a good idea. Might even give her kitchen run with the crate - thats another idea. Thanks again:)