View Full Version : BAH!! Fleas and why I don't like Promeris

14th July 2008, 12:22 AM
Tybalt has been using Promeris for 2 months for the off label purpose of getting rid of his demodex mites. Promeris is primarily given as a flea and tick preventive and pesticide. But I am not happy at all with the results for pest control. And the smell! The smell of Promeris is horrible, it lingers not for a few minutes or a few hours but a day or two.

I know the summer is high flea season, but Tybalt is COVERED with fleas. Instead of repelling and killing the fleas, I would almost be tempted to say it attracts them. I've even had to pull a few ticks off him.

I have Romeo, the cat, on Advantage and not one single flea on him.

Now I have the task of getting rid of all these dang fleas on my pup and in my home. I can't/don't like to bathe him too much due to his sensitive skin and dry skin right now, I hate to think I will have to use medicated flea shampoo on his poor skin. He is scratching and chewing himself to pieces and further irratating his skin.

There are a ton of reports online (I can't vouch for others of course) that have negative things to say about it as well. I'm switching over to Advantage. This is crazy.

Love my Cavaliers
14th July 2008, 02:05 AM
All four of my Cavaliers are on Advantage and I have never had a problem with fleas. I have seen one tick crawling in Oliver's fur, but it had not sunk in yet. The vet said that can happen. We just flicked it off.
Bev, along with Oliver (7- bl), Riley (5 - b/t), Madison (4- ruby), and Oz (1- tri)

Daisy's Mom
14th July 2008, 06:04 AM
I don't know anything about Promeris, but when I read your post, it came to mind that an in-home boarding kennel I looked into recently said they would not take dogs who were on Promeris. I guess she agrees with your assessment of the product.

We are on Frontline Plus, and it works really well on fleas, but works very slowly on ticks. It takes about 2 days to kill a tick, which is after the 24 hour attachment needed to transmit Lyme Diseas, unfortunately.

Cathy Moon
14th July 2008, 12:23 PM
Wow, you have my sympathy! Have you called the vet? I would definitely schedule an appointment with the vet and have him examine Tybalt in order to come up with another plan for addressing his mites and fleas. Promeris is fairly new, I think, and I'd rather go with something tried and true!