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16th July 2008, 03:30 AM
okay, so the vet called today to check on noodles and hurley, who are both doing soooo much better today (esp. since my sister and her family left ;)). i thought that was nice of him. he also wanted to know if they were on any sort of schedule. so i told him what a typical day was like for us here, and he recommended getting the puppies on a stricter schedule. playtime, feedings, potty time, nap time, bed time, walks, etc. anyone do this with your dogs? he didn't really say when anything should be, or any guidelines on how often to do each of these things. the dogs have kind of fallen into their own routine. they wake up about 5 am to go out and potty, and then go back to sleep. at about 8 or 8:30 am, they eat and then go out to walk about a bit and potty again. they take a nap usually when we come back in and then come out to play about 11 am and lunch after that, and then outside again for a short walk and potty. then they nap for the longest time and it's dinner, walk, potty, playtime, bed time. he said that he thought the dogs showing signs of stress could mean that they are just anxious dogs and no wonder seeing as how we're the fourth owners. he said anxious dogs would do well on a schedule, so there is little to stress them out. i get that. i just don't know how to map one out, i guess. any ideas??

16th July 2008, 03:48 AM
It sounds like you have them on a schedule of sorts already. You might want to write down what you seem to be doing with them already, and just make sure you stick pretty close to that every day. If you do that, you might be able to see the times they are having problems and can come up with a plan for those times. If it seems to be due to boredom, you could do something constructive with them. If it seems to be when the household is more chaotic, then maybe they need to be put up to settle down until things around the house calm down.
Good luck!

Cleo's Person
16th July 2008, 10:27 AM
You do seem to have fallen into a schedule already. However I'm sure that once they really settle down in your home this can become a bit more flexible. Your home is their fourth home and they are probably a bit anxious that they might be moved again, and so a routine might reassure them that this isn't going to happen and eventually they will be able to truely relax. Best of luck with it all. :thmbsup: