View Full Version : 2 Cavaliers saved from dog auction

20th July 2008, 05:23 PM
I HATE these dog auctions! So many letters from animal lovers in Missouri have sent so many letters to so many people in the Missouri state government to ban these and nothing.

I am so glad this group went in and got them. If I had the means right now, I would absolutely take in the little girl!


This is Princess Grace. Poor thing. She is tiny, very underweight for her age.

They also have another dog they claim is a Cavalier, but he looks to be a Cavalier mix to me.

I just look at these poor dogs and think to myself how anyone could do this. And then I look at my little guy, loved, well fed, spoiled and in a comfy home and it just hits me at how sad it is that some of these dogs will never get to experience that.