View Full Version : Reputable Breeders in Ireland.

20th July 2008, 06:04 PM
Hi, don't worry I know that no breeders info is allowed be shown on-line due to legal reasons. I am looking for a breeder who cardiac tests their breeding stock and basically has carried out all the tests they can! I found one amazing lady in Wales who does all the tests including MRI on all her dogs but unfortunately won't be breeding again until next year. I'm having a hard time finding anyone over here and the IKC cavalier lady hasn't gotten back to me. They say that you hear about the best breeders by word of mouth so I would be most grateful to anyone who has any info or contacts of good breeders who carry out testing. Please don't post any breeders names or details here but PM me or send me an email through my profile. This forum is so great, it has the best info online about cavaliers, I have been looking A LOT! Thanks in advance for replies. Wish me luck on my search for my future baby!:paw: