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20th July 2008, 09:41 PM
Hello, my name is An and I've been a lurker on this forum for several months now. I've gotten so much helpful information from this site but can't seem to find the answer to a question I had regarding protein levels in kibble. I have a five and a half month old blenheim, Charlie, who is going in for his neuter in a couple of weeks. Currently, I am feeding him Royal Canin puppy food but I'm planning on switching him over to an adult food when he is neutered. I am aware of the debate with feeding puppy food versus an adult food due to the protein level. I picked up a bag of Innova Evo to switch him to. However, when I got home, I checked its protein level and it's at 42% while his puppy food is only at 33%. I checked RC Mini adult food and its level is only 27%, which is what I had expected.

So I guess I'm wondering if it's a good idea to feed Charlie Innova Evo when he is still a puppy because of the protein level or if I should wait until he is older to feed him that. And in the mean time, should I find an adult food with a lower protein level? Maybe I'm completely missing something but I don't quite understand protein level in adult food and why it is so high in the Innova Evo or other high-protein premium foods. And why we would feed that to a puppy when many breeders/nutritionists recommend feeding an adult food because of the lower protein level. :confused:

Thanks so much! :)

21st July 2008, 12:14 AM
It has more to do with calcium ratios and the rate of growth for bones, than protein levels. We use Evo, Canidae, Wellness with raw-- rotated. I try to use all life stage foods for my pups.

Mom of Jato
21st July 2008, 01:46 AM
I tried the Innova with Jato, and he had terrible diarrhea from it. I think it had way too much protein for his system.

22nd July 2008, 04:30 PM
I personally think that each dog has different tolerances for food and/or protein levels. Some dogs (like my old girl that just passed) do better on lower protein foods. Others do really well on higher levels- both of my dogs are on Orijen and the protein level is 42%. I have tried others and always seem to come back to it.

Another consideration is the availability of the foods in your area. I have a local specialty shop that sells only premium foods, so I have many choices. A few I've tried and liked are; Wellness, Fromm Four star line, Pollock & Castor, & Orijen.

I would buy a smaller sized bag of whatever kind you are considering and give it at least two weeks. If your pup doesn't seem to do well on it, then change. I have tried EVO and for some reason, none of my dogs liked the taste. But other people feed it without issue.

Good luck!

22nd July 2008, 07:23 PM
Thanks for the responses. I'll give Evo a try and see how he does on it.