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Brian M
20th July 2008, 09:11 PM
Called into a local petshop i visit rarely at lunchtime today as i needed another tube of toothpaste for the girls ,they sell mainly fish the odd rabbit and an assortment of pet foods .I got talking to the lady there who i know has cavs and does breed occasionally (which i totally disagree with she seems what i can only describe as a back yard breeder) and during our conversation she said one of her girls had just had pups which were only two weeks old and then went on to say that she is selling one of her other two bitches to lady in Parkgate and she is called Lottie and shes had her for six years. How the xxxx hell can anybody part with never mind sell a cavalier after shes been with you for six years ,i know its not money driven i get the impression her only crime is being six what a poor girl shes probably better off out so i do hope this lady from Parkgate gets her (its quite an affluent area) and she will hopefully end up in a home where shes appreciated ,spoilt and loved ,and stuff that petshop i hope it goes bust and even if it doesn't i ain't going back .The cruel xxxx. :mad:

21st July 2008, 12:01 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong but many good breeders let their old girls "retire" in a family home. I think this is nice. Shame she is a back yard breeder though.

Bruce H
21st July 2008, 12:09 PM
Yes, that is an unfortunate fact of life with we breeders. It's very hard for us to place puppies who we have had for just 3 months, but it's a thousand times harder placing dogs we have had for years. It's the part of breeding that just plain sucks.

But we can't keep every dog we have ever had. We currently have 4 dogs we don't use for breeding who we just plain can't bring ourselves to place; just way too attached. But there have been a few retired dogs we have placed over the years because we have to. Most have gone to people we know and we see on a somewhat regular basis. Believe me, placing a dog who has been a member of the family for 6+ years is not something the reputable breeders take lightly. There's been many a tear shed at our house when one of our retired dogs have left.

Brian M
21st July 2008, 04:13 PM
I suppose its a necessary fact of life i just didn't really think about ,its like the other side of the coin ,when the lady mentioned this to me i just thought about the "Pets are for Life" slogan and that i could never willingly do without my girls or even my cats ,but of course without you Breeders there would be no pets and it must be so hard for you to theses things and all the other problems that occur its a side i dint think i would ever have the courage to do .Thanks for making me stop and think without jumping and making the wrong conclusion, again.