View Full Version : weekend away, what to pack for dogs?

20th July 2008, 11:12 PM
this might sound fairly obvious, but i just wanted to make sure i don't forget anything and if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! so far i plan to bring:

dog beds
harnesses, and leashes
bottles of water for car ride down

am i missing anything? it's a three hour drive so we plan to stop once an hour to let the dogs out to potty and work out some energy. my parents have a dog run in their backyard that we'll be exercizing them in as soon as we arrive, too. will once an hour be enough to stop? how can i prepare for any freak out that might happen with being away from home?

20th July 2008, 11:45 PM
I'm sure you wouldn't forget but:

dog bowls
poo bags
baby wipes
dog brush (wouldn't want to leave a mat)
tooth brush and dog tooth paste
dog's own face flannel or whatever you use to clean eyes

We can't travel anywhere without a sick bowl. Dylan gets travel sick after about one hour. We use an old ice-cream container so we can put the lid on after! :yuk: