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21st July 2008, 11:39 AM
Found out a couple of weeks ago that my mum is pretty allergic to smurf, she gets a really bad cough. Is anyone here in the same boat? Are there any tips or products that are supposed to help?

We just got a furminator in this morning to try and stop the shedding, other than that just keeping him out of the bedroom. Any tips?

21st July 2008, 04:02 PM
I do have a post somewhere in the Library section I think!

I doubt a cough is an allergy related problem though -- sneezes and runny eyes and nose, skin rashes etc are due to allergies, but not generally a cough. First off she should see a GP and get a referral to an allergist if necessary to see if this is actually the problem (NOT one of those people in shops or health food stores that say they test for allergies -- she needs to see a specialist doctor). They can tell her definitely whether she is allergic or not.

My advice if she is: keep the dog out of areas where your mother will be, especially her bedroom (keep doors shut). Keep the house vacuumed daily, and get a good vacuum with HEPA filters like a Dyson (allergy association approved in UK and ireland). Get an air purifier, these are costly but will remove dander; I'd recommend one for the bedroom and one for the sitting room/main living area. Have her avoid contact with the dog as much as possible. Claritin or inhalers can help symptoms. Wash the dog's bed weekly. Keep floors washed down.

Generally people are actually allergic to the dander, not the hair, but the hair will carry dander.

There are some risks with keeping a dog if she finds she does have an allergy. The allergy tends to keep getting worse and other more minor agents she is also allergic too but never reacted to may start to create problems. I have minor allergies that I took a few years of injections for them to desensitise, so have been there myself.